August Pink Reports

Fished Brown's Point from 5:30 to 8:30. Very slow. Out of the 40 or so folks I could see from where I was fishing I only saw three fish caught. The fly fisherman next to me had one on briefly and lost it. It was crowded and it was interesting to see people willing to walk through your backcast :beathead:. I can see why people invest in a boat.
I was one of the kayak fly fishers that Ibn referred to in his post yesterday. My friend and I had a good day. I ended up with 9: 1 for the BBQ, 2 for the smoker, and 6 released & headed for the Puyallup. Pinks are really stubborn fighters near the boat, which is especially fun when you're fishing from a kayak! This was my second time out in the boat for Pinks, and the best day by far.

A highlight for me was watching the best behaved Labrador Retriever I've ever seen in a small boat. He sat & watched his two fly fishing partners cast & catch fish, resisting the temptation to jump in the water. The Lab we had when I was a kid would have been overboard on every fish. I was impressed!

Was out at Dash this AM, one fly guy on the shore down a ways from pier did alright early from briefly talking to him but things died down. Crowded on the shoreline. Could see people wading and fishing from boats all the way to the point before Dumas Bay. These fish are getting shelled pretty hard. Mostly slow around the pier this AM.
Hey Jeff, I was the guy that did not have a net. Anyway, great job out there. I forgot to ask you though, did that fish have an orange clouser in his lip? because I want that lucky fly back.
strangely enough there was an orange clouser attached to it but it was very far from the lip if you know what i mean......
Fished this morning from my boat again. Same spot. Eight fish boated and several LDR again. Finally lost the fly I've caught a dozen on and tied on another just like it. One cast and another hook-up. We had the limit at 8:30 and left to get prepared for the afternoon PSFF annual picnic. BBQed some of the fish and made believers of them.
So is there any word on the skagit. I was planning on fishing it in the morning. Any help would be great on a pm of course. I am not asking for secret spots just Amy sort of access that have enough room for my father and me to throw a line with the chance of hooking into some pinks. Thanks

Flyfishing Dad

displaced Alaskan
Newbie here, and to the pink runs in Western WA. Live near Olympia, and asking for some general location advice to try for this year's pinks in the Sound and tributary rivers. Would like to take my son and see him catch his first salmon. Any advice on where to try and what patterns to use for his best shot to catch a few would be most appreciated. Will have to wade for whatever we try.
Tom and Ibn.
I was the other fly boat with the lab riding along. Glad to connect a few WFF folks. Great company on the water and thanks for the complement on my boy, Casey. He REALLY wanted to go in after the fish. He gets super excited when he sees fish rolling and jumping and also wants to retrieve crab pot floats as you toss them overboard.

I am considering getting a kayak - any suggestions?
You should try to test a few and see what you like best,I have a malibu stealth 12 and really like it,it's very stable but kind of heavy.If you can make it to Dash Point State park one of this days You can test paddle it.