Two days on the Yakima

Ed Call

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Dropped my trio of lovely ladies at SeaTac for their New Hampsire trip. What do do when home along? Go fishing, of course.

Headed to the Yakima solo, figured I'd find plenty of other floating craft. I did.

Fished Ringer to Big Pines on Saturday from 3pm to 9:30pm. Caught a bunch of fish, 15 to 20 fish. Caught a few in the bright daylight, some on top, some below. Caught more fish as the sun passed over the ridge and shadows took over. Caught rainbows from 9-20+ inches, yes, you read that right. All were feisty and full bodied. Caught the largest right above the take out in darkness on a chubby chernobyl. If it were not a full 22", I did not fish at all this weekend and all this shit is made up. Caught three whitefish. 18" on a nymph, 18" on a chubby chernobly and 14" on a chubby cher...and 4" from the freaking high grass bank. Never done that before, and I've always been impressed at how stout a whitefish can be and bend your rod. Had two very strong fish hooked and rod angled to get the current to work with me. Both broke me off. Landing those would have made a really great day over the top.

Fished Ringer to Maher's Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Great long day on the water. Fewer fish, but the timing of the day and my need to get home for the Monday return to work kept me from fishing the late hours like Saturday. Eight or nine fish today. No whitefish, not even when I fished the double nymph rig. I must not have been nymphing I switched to dries. Just above Red's I hooked into a nice rainbow of 20". Right after the fight began my rod snapped at the butt ferrule insertion to the second section. It must have worked its way free a bit, but I thought I had been reseating it well. How do I know that fish was 20"...after the f&@#8% broke my rod I started bringing it in by hand until I could get the broken part of the rod next to the boat and got my hands on it. Fish to hand, unconventional style.

Good to see many folks on the river enjoying the weather. Met some very nice tube hatche folks. Good to see the staff in Red's. Stopped in at The Hatch too, great chat with the gent working Sunday morning.

Great weekend fishing solo among the tubers and camping alone in the middle of a crowd.

Now I need some sleep. Two long floats of fin kicking and my legs are feeling great but my chicken arms did not get any rowing work. Back to work tomorrow.

Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
Nice trip report Mumbles! The last couple hours of daylight in the canyon, fishing a Chubby Chernobyl... It's as if I'm there right now(epic day visualization process completed). Way to get into some really nice fish. Thanks for sharing!
I thought the Chubby Chernobyl was about the goofiest looking thing i had ever seen. Then I nailed an 18" rainbow and probably a 23" squawfish in successive casts. I love the Yakima!
Congrats on the fishing. Wow, what a day you had. I came over to your side and fished Fort Flagler State Park for couple days. My highlight was catching a couple bottom fish trying to chuck and duck my fly.