Check out my wife's pink taco!

Evan Burck

Fudge Dragon

How did I make this culinary masterpiece? I will tell you.

First, I make a cheese spread from the following ingredients and some olive oil.

I put it in the food processor and turn it in to a creamy paste.

I make a guacamole that involves a bunch of good shit, even cut up some mango in it. I like it with the mango, so that's how I usually do it.

Next, I sautee up some onions. When they're done, I turn off the heat and let them simmer in some lime juice for extra awesomeness.

FLAME ON! Let these pink fillets soak all afternoon in a brine that involved some cumin, garlic, chilli powder, and other things I probably forgot.

Assembled with fresh, locally made sour cream, the fixins, cabbage for texture, and a freshly heated whole grain tortilla.

Big wins
The ones I usually make are just the seasoned fish and then cabbage slaw -sour cream, lime, jalapeno, about like Evan's first step, mixed with shredded cabbage.

That said, the best addition I've come across is tomato-less salsa from Trader Joes. It is sort of a sweet and spicy corn and chili mix, and is incredible on fish tacos. Give it a try if you have access to a trader joes.