What type of action?

I'm in the market for a switch setup. I'm going out with Jim Kerr in a couple weeks for summer steel and would like to get something I can play around with out there. My plan would be to use this rod for summer steel/large trout, and then the majority of its work would be overhead casting on the beach for silvers/pinks etc.

Since I plan to use it mostly for long distance beach casting, what type of rod action should I be looking at? I'm guessing that I want a faster rod for overhand casting, but I'm not totally sure and am hoping someone can provide some insight. Maybe its just personal preference, I dunno.


Ed Call

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Nick, listen to Shawn. Jim will get your hands on some things to consider. When you come back, let me know. I have a very fast switch rod and a very slow one. See which you prefer. At the beach I perfer the faster rod to cover more water and get longer casts away from shore. In the rivers I'm not too worried about that full line casting distance. If you are working the beaches fine with a single hander now, fish it and fish the rivers with it too. If you are dying to try a two hander I'll let you flail one of my for a while to see what you think.