2 opening days for duck hunters

waterfowl hunters will be getting 2 opening days this year pretty much
opening day will be on Oct. 15-19 then closed for 2 days then reopens Oct. 22-Jan 29 not to big of a deal, wont give birds to much time to settled down in that 2 day window but just make sure your not hunting on Oct. 20th and Oct. 21
other then that I cant wait for duck hunting to start up!

once you click on this url then click on migratory bird seasons like the 6th one down

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
I had a buddy who had a good hunt during the split a few years back, said he thought it was funny no one else was hunting with all the birds around. Thanks for the reminder.
As far as I know there has always been a split during the first week. They do it because we are regulated to a 107 day season by federal regulations and this lets the season end on a Sunday in late January, I think its always the last Sunday but don't quote me on that
yeah its so they can start on a weekend and end on a weekend and get all the days in. I am only 15 and been shooting ducks since i was 9 and they have never had a split opening week since i have been hunting, so kinda excited for that and the whole hunting season! you can shoot one canvasback again this year, and hoping this will be the year i get my first can!