Yep, still fish over in North Idaho


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As usual another boring trip to one of the most gorgeous areas in the US. Those who have fished there know what I mean.

Beautiful scenery, wildlife and good dry fly action. Everytime I go there I am reminded what a gem of an area it is.


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FYI just my take: Bring a number of flies. I went through at least a doz dries a day. Tore up the flies.

When the sun comes up go small size 16-18. Had many fish rise, take a peak at size 12-14 humpies, stimis and refuse. When I went to more sparsely dressed smaller flies ( parachutes comparaduns, griffiths gnats) I had more takes. End of season and those fish have seen their share of flies.

Low light - Early morning and evening, size and pattern did not seem to make a difference.

Ed Call

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Great info, pretty sure that I'm prepared for those fly needs...I've been looking forward to this trip since the day I saw it in the rear view mirror.


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Pm and can suggest can camping locations. The NF of the Clearwater has always for some reason produced bigger fish over Cayuse and Kelly. Although my wife picked up a 22" in Cayuse 2 years ago. Always early and late in the day brought the larger fish to the surface


Love vintage graphite!
A gem of an area for sure! Catching fish is just an added bonus to being in that beautiful part of the world. Thanks for the photos!
Their are very few places where my hands shake while gearing up. The drive in is agonizing, especially if you continue on.. "over the hump". You are going to drool Ed.
I have 2-3 weeks left on a project and have turned down everything else until October so maybe I'll see you guys over there.