August steelhead

Hey Y'all!

So, I've been up here in the Pac Northwest fishing my tail off since April. Gotta go back to back to the real world next week - bumbed about that, but other opportunities will arise. In my short wonderful time here, I've explored much of WA state, met some pretty cool anglers, and caught many of the species this region has to offer - SRC, silvers, kings, pinks, desert bows (my favorite, and I've honored the secrecy of the stream locations), a whole mess of westslope cutts, bull trout - but I have yet to land a Wa steelie - caught em in Oh, Ca, and SA but not here, and I would really like to get one to hand before i leave.

I know the steelhead fishing this time of year is generally slow, but does anyone have any advice on where a good place might be this weekend to TRY and stalk down a few fish? I'll be wading.

I was thinking either the Bogi, Kalama, or maybe Lyre. Any thoughts?

On a side note: Maybe the steelhead fishing ain't so good right now and it might be more fun to simply head up to an Alpine lake, pitch a tent and stoke a fire. Your thoughts?

Also, if any of y'all want to join a guy on either of these ventures hit me up.

Thanks ahead of time guys for your response.


The rivers you mentioned would be a good start. If I were you I would stick with Columbia river tribs. This time of year can be great for Steelhead down there.
Thanks for the input and PM's guys! I think I'll stick to the Columbia tribs and give it hell one more time. If I don't land one this weekend, I'll just have to try again next year.

Steelheadin' out here is tough for me, but more than anything I enjoy the hunt.
I know folks that have been catching steel head's running up the mouth of the Cowlitz. These buddies are catching them from boats, almost daily, but they are headed up that river, so that's my suggestion. The Kalama and other tribs down here are likely bets as well, but that's the only location I know people personally who are catching them and where.

Good luck and keep us posted!