Recommendation on a 1 man tent.

Brady what kind of camping are you using the tent for? for car camping I love an old REI 4 man dome tent. Fast to set up in the dark, stands up to sever inches of snow and rain. almost tall enough to stand up in.
For backpacking I like Henry Shires Tarp tents. I use the two man squall.
Zero in on a quality tent and look for a used one. A good tent will last for years and still be light.
This site Has tests on cutting edge equpt for the last 10 years a forum and class ads.
My son hiked the north end of the PCT in 05 with a poncho tent. I dont think he would do it now.

Good Luck
Brady: years ago the sporting goods stores were selling a 3-man dome tent for about $39. They had a hex shaped footprint and 3 fiberglass poles and a rain fly. The weak point was the zippers. My family ended up with two of these one for the kids and dog and one for mom and me. I like the three poll designs they give better support in wind. You should be able to pick up one of these on Craig’s list or a garage sale for $10 or $15. I finally up graded to the REI 4 man dome tent that has been bullet proof for 2 people. Tent builders must be very small people. REI has great product support and often have parts available. I would avoid any tent with aluminum poles.

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