I Fished and Rowed A Lot!

Ed Call

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For those into number watching...13,000. Friendly Administrator or Moderators, please reset my meaningless post count to some stupid low number, hell, even freeze it there.

This weekend I was around a slew of fishy folks, hard working camp folks and a support staff that could and would do anything. Amazing times.

I got to row my cataraft a lot and I really like rowing this boat.

I got to fish a lot and even I caught fish.

I got to put old and new friends onto some fish, not many, but that is because they could roll the fish but not hook the fish. We'll get better results next time.

No photos yet. OrangeRadish will say he caught a 20" rainbow. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. Let's see his pictures of that fish...if he has any. I got Bobby, Ben and Vicki into some fish, we even got two of them to the net. Regardless, they know that they were presenting those flies right on the money time and time again because we had our shot at dozens of them.

So, O-rad...how about those photos?