WTB 6wt integrated shooting head line, Sage 2560/4560 spool

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by mtskibum16, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. As the title says, I'm looking for a 6wt intermediate integrated shooting head line. My preference is an Outbound short, but also a regular Outbound, Airflo 40+, SA Streamer Express). I want a clear head so I'm not interested in the new Airflo 40+.

    I'm also looking for a spare spool for a Sage 2560 reel. Spools from the 4560 will also work.

  2. The graphite spools sold for the 4560 fit the 2560 (just bought one), and are something like $75. Great deal.
  3. Yeah that's what I'm planning on if don't find one here. Figured it was a long shot but added it on with the line. Those composite spools are a great deal though and the main reason I'm keeping the reel (got it used as a combo with the rod I wanted). Thanks!
  4. Don't buy one of the original OB's with the really thin running line unless you really enjoy undoing tangles. ;)
  5. I've heard that a lot. By "orginal" do you imply that there has been a new and improved version that is currently available, or do you refer to "original" vs the newer "short" version? I only ask because I have 2 Rio Outbound (non-short) and I don't find I have many problems with the running line getting overly tangled. One I purchased this year (6wt floating) and one I purchased last year (8wt intermediate). I was planning OBS for both my floating and intermediate but I was "sold" on the regular over the short by the shop owner (he sells both).
  6. By original, I mean the ones with a 37' head when they were first introduced.
    They would cast great, but tangle frequently. It was a love / hate thing with many folks that used them.
    Rio changed the running lines I believe when they came out with the short, so within the past three years or so. They touted the OB Shorts as having a new improved running line which was thicker then the original OB's.
    The new OB's work well.
  7. Thanks for the info Stonefish! One bump, then I'll head to the fly shop.
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