WTB 6wt med fast to fast action rod for throwing streamers

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Panheadsully, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Panheadsully

    Panheadsully Member

    Let me know what you have. Looking for a z axis or VXP.
  2. NJFly

    NJFly Member

    I have a Beulah 6wt. Guide series rod. It's 9 ft. two tips, sock case and warranty card.
  3. gormaci

    gormaci New Member

    I sent privet message about new Scott S4 906 available. NEW!!! Retails $725. I will let go for $525 including shipping (USA).
    (I am not sure if I use the private message/conversations correctly.. Overwhelmed by new graphics and technology :)
  4. Suggestion: A Winston Vapor is a nice streamer rod in a 9'-6 weight. Available cheap if you can find one, try MRFC (website). They had them on clearance last year for about $150. I'd call them, great folks! I have one, and while it's no Z-Axis (havent tried the VXP), it's very nice for throwing the heavy stuff.
  5. NCFLY

    NCFLY Member

    I have a 6wt 10' / 4 piece Sage XP with fighting butt. Model Sage xp 6101-4

    I'd consider letting it go for $350.
  6. chanceb

    chanceb Member

  7. windknot51

    windknot51 Member

    I've got an Orvis T3 690-4 mid-flex I'd let go for $200.
  8. big shoe

    big shoe Member

    Have a Sage XP 690-4, factory rod, exc cond w/ case and sock. If interested email me drnymph@centurylink.net. Have difficulty w all new format. price is 325.00 shipped. thanks
  9. troutwoman

    troutwoman Member

    Are you still looking for a Z-Axis or VXP 9 foot 6 weight rod?
  10. troutwoman

    troutwoman Member

    I have a Z-Axis 9 foot 6 weight, rod, tube, sock, warranty card. Excellent
    shape that I would sell for $400.00 plus shipping. I am now using my Sage One
    6 weight instead so it is just sitting there giving me dirty looks. I have a VXP
    9 foot 6 weight too, but I am not ready to part with it yet.
  11. Panheadsully

    Panheadsully Member

    I want the VXP:)
  12. Stuart

    Stuart New Member

    I have a brand new Sage Z-Axis 9' 6" #6 that im selling for $450
    Call me for more info 253-230-7017

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