6wt spey rod for summer run

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Empty Creel, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Empty Creel

    Empty Creel Praying to the rain gods for mercy

    I already have a 8 wt for winter run & salmon, would a 6 wt be sufficient for summer run?
  2. fredaevans

    fredaevans Active Member

    You'll find that a 6wt will easily handle fish upwards of 10 pounds. This may also be the time to do a bit of research on 'switch rods' as summer run fishing is where these really come into their own.

  3. SpringCreek

    SpringCreek Addicted to Cane.......

  4. 5 or 6 wt ought to do the job just fine. If you are not throwing heavy sink tips and are just swinging streamers with a mono leader or a poly leader that is very short and light I would go with the 5 wt.
  5. Personally I think your reel quality ie drag is the bigger concern. You can handle big fish on a 5wt with a great drag system and proper leader strength...cheers
  6. Salmo_g

    Salmo_g Active Member

    Empty Creel,

    A 6 wt Spey is just fine for summer steelhead fishing. I routinely use a CND 5/6 wt for summer fishing on the Cowlitz in places where really long casts aren't necessary. I'm not sure I understand Keith's comment about the reel quality and drag are a bigger concern. Most of my Spey rods are paired with Hardy reels equiped with spring and pawl drags, which is more than sufficient for my needs.

  7. JS

    JS Active Member

    knowledge of how to play a fish is far more important than drag quality. IMHO
  8. rick matney

    rick matney Active Member

    6 wt echo TR paired with a 420 compact skagit and a 450 compact scandi.....my new toy.
  9. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    I gots the exact same setup
  10. SpeySpaz

    SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

    Meiser 4/5/6 12'6" with a 390 compact scandi or an SGS head, mmmm mmmm.

    you know what's an underrated rod? TFO Pro 12'6" for six, it'll cast a 6/7 or 7/8 AFS, 450 skagit, or a shortbelly very nicely, and has pretty nice grips. Very versatile/fishable.
  11. Rick Sharp

    Rick Sharp Member

    I use a TFO Pro 12'6" 6wt for smallmouth, summer run Steelhead and fall Coho, never had a problem with anything as of yet, great little rod, easy to throw and I'll be using it this coming weekend on the Cowlitz and maybe the Klickitat on the way home. 450gr at 27' with 8' Z-11, cast with ease, a fun rod to use.
  12. Nooksack Mac

    Nooksack Mac Active Member

    The 12-foot, 4-section, medium action 5/6 rod by Angler's Roost Enterprises is a good rod with a growing reputation, and an incredible bargain at $89.95. Google ARE, or find them daily on eBay.
  13. stewart dee

    stewart dee Guest

    summer is over and next summer there will be a new and improved everyone needs rod for sale.
  14. Rick Sharp

    Rick Sharp Member

    Don't know about the next summers new and improved, but I've had my eye on a meiser for quite awhile, it's just that the bank roll is not fancy just yet, but hopefully by next summer, lol
  15. segge

    segge Member

    I own 3 six weights ... My current passion is a Loop Goran Anderson 12ft 6 wt with an airflo compact scandi 360grain head, 10 foot poly leader, and SA mono shooting running line. WOW .... can't think of anything better than this I've cast and fished.
    Although next time I can free up some river time I have a Nextcast FF 45 5/6 I want to switch out the Airflo line for ... I bet it rocks ...

    Steve Egge
  16. k2flyfisher

    k2flyfisher its taco time. wheres the sauce?

    that Loop G.A.S.S. 6wt is an incredible stick Steve, not many of them around...

    one of my favorite summer sticks of all time for small-medium water is a t&t 12' 6wt paired with a 420 compact scandi or ballistic express and a 14' leader. more than up for the task.

    both of these are going to be on the "crispier" side of the 6wt arena...
  17. Kirk Singleton

    Kirk Singleton Capt Kirk

    I have a sweet zaxis 6126 paired with a cnd gps 5/6 that is great!
  18. Thomas Mitchell

    Thomas Mitchell Active Member

    Sage 6126-3 'Euro' with an AF 390 scandi for me. Thinking about one of the new TCX 6119 switch rods for next season.

  19. speyday

    speyday Rod tubes in the overhead compartment

    Whats a "drag?" (does a wet ragg wool glove count?)
  20. Backwoods Angler

    Backwoods Angler If you tell them, they'll know!

    Sounds good to me, just pair it with a reel with good drag and you will be fine :)