7 Days in Belize

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    7 days in Belize is perfect to cure the winter blues

    Just got back from 7 kick ass days in San Pedro, BZ with 12 other fly fishing nuts on a trip set up by the Silver Bow and Belize Flats Fishing

    This was my first flats fishing experience and it absolutely blew my mind. The sight fishing, the blistering runs, all of it....I am ready to go back now.

    Each day we fished (6) we had the option to target specificially bonefish, tarpon or permit....or put in a mixed bag day. The territory to fish around San Pedro is emmense, and the guides we worked with have intimate knowledge of the water, lagoons and estuaries that blanket Amberguis Caye.

    San Pedro is a cool, throwback town. The major mode of transportation are golf carts, with a few cars, vans and trucks here and there. The locals are extremely helpful and nice, and English is the official language but Spanish is spoken prevelently as well. Going out to eat was great, I highly reccomend The Blue Water Grill, Elvi's, Fido's, and Mango's. Good nightlife as well

    Day 1--First Bonefish, cuda, snapper and shots at permit
    I woke up with more anticipation of a fishing excursion than I have ever had....ever. We raced 1 hour to the north and fished our way back towards San Pedro. Most of the bones that were caught were in the 12-20 inch range, and all fought well

    Day 2--Hunting for snook and tarpon in the mangroves
    1 hour to the south took us to hicks caye, in and out of the mangroves looking for baby tarpon. both my father and i had hook ups, but the unreal power of the tarpon and the proximity to the barnacle encrusted roots of the mangroves managed to slice our lines up... I have never seen a fish take off so much line so quickly than the estimated 20 lb tarpon my dad had momentarily. We ended the day on a flat catching 4 bones a piece all with good size and taking us into our backing almost every time. There's nothing so gratifying than a double hook up on Bonefish with your dad standing next to you in the boat

    Day 3--Hunting for Permit
    Most of day 3 was in persuit of the elusive El Palameto. We played hid and go seek with a school of up to 100 permit for 2 hours. Numerous shots, numerous fly changes, but the anorexic supermodel fish (what we called it, in honor of the fact that their hot, but dont freaking eat) never did become attached to our lines. The whole week the group saw boatloads of permit, but had only 6 hook ups and 2 landed. Again we ended the day at a secret spot our guide had and in 2 hours, my dad and i landed approx. 10 bones a piece in action so fast and furious i was just plain giddy at the end of the day

    Day 4--Back to the bones
    We switched guides amongst the group on day 4. Again our guide put us right on the fish after an hour ride to the north. With flashing fish all around us for the better part of 3 hours, the morning session was wild. The wind kicked in in the afternoon but the day was another top notcher. Unfortunately the wind shifted from an eastly wind to a north wind, bringing in up and down weather for the rest of the trip as we found out

    Day 5--This day I fished with Sean from the Silver Bow along with super guide Omar (this dude is half fish if you ask me) We fished the reef side of the Caye, north up to Rocky Point. Bones on this side were the big leaguers, huge tails sticking out of the water and generally rattling my casting abilities. Sean and I both hooked up to 2 big brutes a piece but the fun part of the day was being 20 feet from a group of feeding permit (no, they didnt take) and secondly stalking tailing bonefish that Omar estimated in the 7-8lb range (also, no luck)

    Day 6--Unfortunately, the bad weather took hold. Wind from the north and a lot of clouds. My dad managed to catch a nice bone at the end of the day, but with the rain, wind and nursing a nasty hangover (damn the biliken and rum punch) made it ok to come in early

    Day 7--Travel:mad:

    Sitting here back in 38 degree weather mades me think how crazy it was to get back on the plane to come back. San Pedro is a great town, the Tides Hotel was a great host, Sean from the Silver Bow put us with the right people and big hats off to Belize Flats Fishing

    Doug from Belize Flats Fishing took care of everything. He was there every morning to see us off, take care of any concern and back again in the afternoon to see how everything went. Their operation can take you anywhere in Belize and beyond. If you are interested in their first class operation, check em out at belizeflatsfishing.com

    I have posted a bunch of pics in my gallery and I cant wait to go back!!
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    Thanks for the report, pretty much sums up what I've read. We're planning on taking our honeymoon on Ambergris Caye, - although we're postponing it til later this fall or next winter. The wife wants to learn to flyfish, but I doubt tarpon or permit are good targets for a novice (although I've got this summer to "train" her, bwa-ha-haa!).

    How's the reef fishing with a flyrod? I figure that and maybe chasing bones a day or two between Jungle tours and Mayan ruins sounds like a great honeymoon.
  3. Willie Bodger

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    So, if you're standing on the beach looking at the Tides Hotel, I stayed in the white house just to the right of the hotel. Could afford many guided days, so I wandered the flats out in front of the house and caught mostly bones and needlefish, though I saw some nice sized 'cudas and a couple schools of rainbow runners. The day I went out with a guide was the day the storm front was moving in so all of the flats fish were leaving the flats. We ended up heading out by the reef and fishing for lady fish for a few hours. I didn't have anything but a floating line and the fish were down about 25', so I had to jerry-rig something to get my line down there. And the ladyfish kept destroying it, but I got into them and they were a blast. I'm sure you could get into many other types of fish closer to the reef, just not sure you could get a fly-fishing guide to take you out there. I talked with one lady whose folks had a house and a boat on the caye. Her dad loved to fiosh and they would go out almost every day catching snapper and grouper etc. around the reef. The bones out in front of the house were actually pretty easy to catch, but you did have to be able to cast a little ways. I would love to head back there with my wife, it was a lot of fun.
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    The reef has abundant fish, but we mostly fished the flats

    When teaching your wife, make sure to go our on a windy ass day and have her hit a spot 50-70 feet away, with, cross and sideways into the wind....that was the biggest adjustment for me

    As you get closer, PM me and I will get you the phone numbers you need for Belize Flats Fishing

    often, we fished for permit while we were fishing for bones...the guides say that you can hook el palameto on bonefish flies...but it didnt happen for me

    good luck
  5. SilverFly

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    I'm taking her up to a spot in the CR gorge this summer for some stillwater steelhead action that will fit that bill perfectly!

    Good info Willie, - thanks. The timeshare we'll be at is in that area. Having fish available right off the beach could be a good, or a bad thing ;).
  6. LD

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    Sounds like a great trip! Makes you want to run down the the fast flowing, muddy Spokane. :hmmm:
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    I agree, fishing for baby tarpon amonst the mangroves is some of most technical and exacting fishing we will do. On your shot everything must come together perfectly from the time you move your wrist to begin the shot ( maybe even before, like when your brain process begins the shot) to the end playing the fish. Everything

    Whenever it's windy here and I ain't doin sumthin else, I head over to the football field and practice making accurate(like 2') 60-80'cast's with my 10wt. I use an 8wt fishin them, just use the 10 for practice to keep my shoulder in shape

    Sounds like you had a blast, nice post
  8. Gary Thompson

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    Great report!!!!
  9. Hooker

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    Great Pics and report. I can't wait to get down to the tropics this year. Permit are just a fantastic fish!
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    Great report Josh, I'm jealous.
  11. Charlie S

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    Cool Josh...glad you made it back safely....well, if you call addicted to a new facet of fly fishing, new area and scenery safe...Glad to hear you had a wonderful trip. Maybe next year I can introduce you to baby tarpon.
  12. nice report..............I'm leaving in a week for a month on glover's, will report back.(the south of belize)
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    Belize is awesome for bones, permit and tarpon. It's also a great place for people who don't fish, although I don't know any except my wife. I took a group of 14 last May and found a bunch of these bad boys. I'm almost glad the guide didn't bring one of the really big ones aboard.

    I would encourage anyone to make at least one trip to Belize.

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    Maybe someday if I save all of my pennies and sell my first born, I can go fish in Belize.