7 Guys who have never fly fished before...

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by JesseC, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. I'm taking a group of buddies.... 7 guys.... fly fishing with Jim Kerr. Most of them have never been fishing... much less fly fishing... much less for steelhead.

    I cannot wait to see what happens. I figure if we're incredibly lucky, ONE guy will make it to the water and catch a fish before the entire hole clears out from 7 orangutans splashing around like itchy lepers.

    I'm thinking about buying a go pro. First, to catch the guy's reaction who staked out a SICK RUN all to HIMSELF in the dark..... only to see seven guys come out of the woods one after the other. HAHA. Then, to see all absolute hell break loose when a guy who has never even caught a baby trout hooks into a wild hyena of a dime bright steelhead (and I'm only telling them we're "trout" fishing). I know I'm breaking all sorts of religious steelhead code with this endeavor, but this is going to be priceless.

    What's the over under on how long that fish is on? 10 seconds?
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  2. Each will hook and land fish. You shall remain skunked, then ridiculed.
  3. U only get skunked when your actually searching for steelhead I have found
  4. You better tip Jim pretty well for that,

  5. Should be hella fun. I bet a dollar more thank one fish gets hooked.
  6. ......And bad Steelhead karma points added to your account for inviting a guide to someones secret spot.;)
  7. When and where might this be happening? "Fair warning" ya know!
  8. ...walked into a bar...

    This could be a funny story :)
  9. In all honesty - we wouldn't jump into a spot where someone else already is. There's more than enough places over there to move along.

    I heard about that happening on a river in the SE though... pretty damn funny. It was a class of 10 practicing spey casts.... the guy stood there and watched and 10 people all came out of the bushes one by one... then just shook his head and left. I wish I would've been there for that one.
  10. yeah seriously, when will your band of merry men be "fishing" the OP?
  11. It's a two month camp.... Feb-April
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  12. This happened to me one day on the Yak. I stood in one of my favorite runs and watched one pair of guys after another fill in above and below me. Turns out it was the Reel Recovery group so all was good.
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  13. Jesse,

    You must be one sick F'er. I can't name all the sins you're proposing. I thought you liked Kerr. Why would you do something like this to him? No matter how much you pay him, it's a waste of his good time and a waste of potential steelhead fishing space. Even if you and all your buddies fall in and get soaked head to toe, I don't don't see any priceless in this event, but no lack of violating ever religious steelhead code there is or ever could be.

    As for hooking steelhead, ain't gonna' happen if your group is fly fishing. If you had any couth or self respect whatever, you'd take your buddies to Green Lake or some similar harmless place. But since it looks like you've booked Kerr for this worthless event, you really owe everyone here fair warning of when and where you're going to be so that we can all avoid you like the plague your group will be. Thanks in advance, and I hope you all survive.

  14. All I have to say is you better tip Jim pretty well! And film the event and put it up on YouTube!
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  15. That is quite the undertaking. Bring a good selection of junk food and copious amounts of booze and it really won't matter how the catching turns out. Oh, and thanks for not inviting me on this one ;)
  16. Obviously missing Jesses sense of humor.
  17. Jesse, just realized if you are going with seven friends that makes you Cinderella, right?
  18. Sorry Ed. I'm married.
  19. if he has the money to pay for it and wants to take the 7 dwarves he has every right. Everyone has the same right to the river given that they are fishing legal.

    I guess he is an asshole too for supporting local guidee jim kerr with 7+1 clients for a day as well.
  20. Pretty sure ol' Salmo is making an attempt at being humorous.

    Plus, anyone who's met me in real life knows that I'm just as big of an asshole in person as I am on the internet. Unfortunately, it's just a problem I'm working through. ;)

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