FS 7 Orvis spools for sale

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    Seven Orvis Spools for sale. I bought them a few years ago to switch out on various streams and fish for a planned trip from Colorado to Washington. Turned out to never need them, they are all brand new, never used. Asking $300 obo for the lot. Wil ship for free.
    -Matt in San Antonio

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  2. LyNcH Steelhead Junkie

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    You should post what size spools they are and the reels they go with.
  3. hydrological beads are NOT flies and snagging is just ghetto

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    looking for a bkill LA V , and i count nine in the pics
  4. Sean Matthews Member

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    I am interested in that titanium mid/large arbor, what size is it?
  5. teedub Active Member

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    I might be interested too, but what are they?