Rio new line - Scandi Short VersiTip - compressed


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Finally arrived! :)
Well... I am excited to see those line being developed. I have to say it is really fun to cast those short line even on a full length spey rod...


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I have no idea about the detail spec of this new line either... maybe it is a 50-grain increment like the Skagit short?


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I emailed Rio and they said the line is coming out September 1st in the following weights:
#5 320gr
#6 370gr
#7 425gr
#8 485gr
#9 540gr
Just received the new RIO Scandi Short VersiTip #7 (425gr). It loads up The Sage TCX 7119-4 and the Redington CPX 1137-4 fantastically. Looks like a fine addition to the line arsenal. Head is 33 ft. and with the four 10ft. tips it should cover most water depths. I give it a thumbs up.