September Pink Reports

I may or may not be drunk and don't care.
1st off The Muckleshoot have not decided to set the nets on Thursday, but that may change.

If you want a place to catch or see fish, go to the following areas, don't worry, none of these are anyone's secret spots, and if you think it is well.......................ooppps.
A little something for everyone.

1. East waterway of the Duwamish. You can access some of the areas along the East Marginal way, but if you have a watercraft of some sort you will be better off. There is enough fish for everyone to catch and release. If you need here is the "rock" to stand on. 47.57373 -122.34385

2. Deception Pass /Deception pass state park - Google is your friend
3. Snohomish river near the mouth of the Pilchuck - Google is your friend
4. Lincoln park
5. Out in front of Shilshole Marina near the buoy marker-47.69359 -122.413
7. Puyallup River - Sewage treatment plant / Italian restaurant. 4719867 -1222.5498
8. Green River - near Boeing 4750311 -122.29654
9. Skykomish - 4785966 -121.81999
10. Dash Point

1. Hoodsport ( hurry almost over)


All up and down the beach from Richmond beach to West Seattle, - look at the map
Just about done at Dash Point. People are still fishing it hard but not having a lot to show for it. After all, the run won't last forever and I caught my first fish on July 31st. That's 40 days.


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You are a machine! How do you do it? I'm with Kelvin...what do you need? Beer? Flies? Free gas for a year? ;) Show me the way oh fish Jedi.
A bit tougher since I just sold my boat and the buyer takes delivery this week. Alot of those fish were taken from Neah Bay and locally. It's going to be a foot game this month and through October, but from
What I've seen so far, it's going to be a stellar Coho run with big healthy fish and the reddest, richest meat I've seen that beats anything I was catching in Kodiak. This is my summer to fish hard since were expecting our 2nd child, so sorry folks as I'm just trying to get my time on the water these last couple of months.

Greg Armstrong

FYI; Lots of jumpers near the beach in Saratoga Pass off the N.W. side of Camano Island yesterday (9/8).
I only had 20 minutes to fish, no grabs but lots of fish still around there.
On a side note for you bird observers; I saw a Common Loon in all its summer glory black and white plumage. Won't be long until more are seen on the Sound, although after they molt their winter plumage is not as spectacular. Nice to see the loons.


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Still lot's showing up at harbor island. pretty good bite today too (although I did finally switch patterns too). Grabbed my share, jumped back home, got'em on the brine and heading to work; not a C&R day. If I see some nets this afternoon I'll let folks know.


Humpy season = solitude on steelhead waters. Coho season = nice days on the salt mixed in with solitude on some great steelhead water. Been that way for 20+ years for me. Thank you odd numbered years. That's my Sept pink report.


Reports without any hint of a location or whether fish were caught in the salt or fresh water are unhelpful and bordering on boasting. I'm not accusing anyone of this, but am bringing it up in a hope that future reports will be more helpful to others. .
Boasting and Pink Salmon are an oxymoron.

I don't see Evan or any of the others posting somewhat vague reports as boasting. I see them posting this as encouragement letting others know they are out there to be had. Hell, I love Dungeness crab meat but don't expect someone else to catch, cook, clean, and crack them for me. It'd be nice, but that's my job.
Steelhead will always be my #1. But it's only a few weeks every two years that I get to go catch big, hard fighting fish by the hundreds close to home. I enjoy it while it lasts.


They're all yours. But, to call them hard fighting fish is a bit of a stretch. I'll give 'em credit, they do take a fly and pull for a few seconds but considering them to be hard fighting is like saying a RF bow is a spring creek trout....... They are.... technically;)

It's only about putting fish on ice when talking about pinks. I'd rather have the experience of untouched water for a month or two than throw some slimy little skank of a fish in my ice box. Besides, their best attribute is providing river nutrients for the next generation of whatever is being hatched in the river.