Pass Lake

For those interested I would like to share the recent appointment of Mark Downen as inland waters biologist for the North Puget Sound region.I have met Mark several times at the Fidalgo Flyfisher meetings and found him to be friendly and knowledgable. He is interested in our, the fly fishers, needs in managing Pass Lake. What species of trout i.e. Rainbows, Browns should be planted and to what ratio? What is the current population of fish in the lake? How is the overall health of the lake itself? These and other questions we all have different answers and opinions for. Now is a good time to make your voice heard. One easy way is the creel census at the lake. We estimate only about 20% of anglers fill out these cards. We would like all anglers, regardless of success, fill out the card after each visit. There is a comment section on the cards for any suggestions. There is nothing but good that can come from this information. Maybe you like Pass Lake just as it is? Then let somebody know. Thanks
Let me be the first to say I don't fill out the creel census card when I visit Pass L. I know this information is important to someone but really never gave it much thought. I will go on record here to say I'll try and remember to do so. As far as what I'd like to see for ratio's? I think an even mix is good, RB/GB's, it makes for better fishing year round. Only addition would be to put some tripiods in, a couple hundred, just for fun. My other thoughs would be to improve the food chain. I read something on here about the way it used to have a better bug base in it until they kill off the lake a while back. Does the state take this into account when they do that? That is replanting the food chain as well? Maybe introduce some crayfish (crawdad's) and fresh water shrimp would help. And I can't remember ever seeing any leeches, where are they? Let's add some of them too? I do enjoy it the way it is however, its a gem of a lake, high on everyone's list I'm sure. I wish we had a few more just like it!
What are the chances of getting an online card on this site? That would be very convenient for those of us that are in a hurry to leave or forget. I'm sure the Fidago Flyfisher's would welcome the idea and they would get more data.
Later all, Jim J.
I am also guilty of not filling out the card at days end. It will be something I will do now without fail. As far as any changes to the lake, I say leave it like it is now. It gives the strike indicator c-mid fishermen plenty of opportunities as well as those who prefer to cast and strip fathead minnow patterns. Pass is always a good challenge. A 7 or 8 fish day on Pass can be very memorable where on some other lake, very disappointing. I have actually heard other fishermen( who specialize in chironomid fishing ) say they wish the state would get rid of the fathead minnow population and, believe it or not, the browns. To me the variety of fish in Pass is what makes it unique, especially on the west side. I didn't mean to offend c-mid fishermen, I do plenty of it myself, but don't promote taking away someone else's preferred method of flyfishing.

Chris Scoones

Staff member
Good idea Jim. I've contacted Mark Downen. We'll talk again on Monday to get something going on this site or through WDFW's.