It start... (opening day reports?)

Sorry for the title, I accidentally hit enter before I finished fixing it. Should read "It's at least a start"

Alright, so I went out for doves this morning, after limited scouting. Sure enough I found them where I expected, the only problem was, they were all already to the spot before shooting light. After 20 minutes of none flying in I got impatient and walked through trying to flush them, they all flushed either too far, or right toward the road and river, directions which I couldn't shoot. Anyway, I got to see 30 or more, without getting a shot. Finally got one to circle back after flushing it, and made the shot. 1 for 1 - I should quit while I'm ahead. Slow, frustrating morning, but at least I broke in my newly acquired shotgun by hitting a bird. Anyone else have any luck out there on doves or grouse?


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Best thing with doves is find a spot and wait, wait and they will fly .

What gun are you shooting?

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Doves or grouse? We hit the Wenatchee in the am for kings-got skunked, then drove about 50 miles looking for feathers. Saw one blue, which Don missed with his 28ga. I drove home for chores, and he went out again in the evening, got two blues.


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Tom, that looks like a Ruger Red Label shotgun that he's toting.

I can't top his one bird, I never saw or flushed a single grouse in the forest this past few days. It's weird, I'll post more after breakfast and a trip to the range...
I couldn't get out until Saturday. Once we got going we had a great time, though. I shot well on Saturday but struggled a bit on Sunday and I heard all about it throughout the course of the day. The first picture is my dogs with 2 limits of dove. The second is after we flushed a bunch of birds out of some heavy scrub brush/grass and then chased them from juniper to juniper up a hill. It was hot, I was beat, and so I pulled out my phone and tried to get a picture of the dogs looking down at the fields. We did have a sketchy moment. My hunting partner dropped a bird really close to a deadfall in tall grass and while the dogs were looking for it we heard a rattlesnake start to buzz. Generally, the snakes don't bother me too much but this was scary because we couldn't see it. It sounded like it was up under the tree but with such high grass it was impossible to tell exactly where it was. Regardless, we were able to get the dogs out of there (with the bird) without any trouble but snakes were on my mind the rest of the day as we spent much of it in pretty high cover.