4 day trip

I may be moving back to New Mexico soon, which is awesome because of the San Juan and Rio Chama fishing opportunities, but crappy because I haven't gotten to explore and fish as much of Washington as I would have liked to in my year here. It looks like I might get 4 days off in the end of this month and I plan on spending it cruising around the eastside for trout. I figured I need to hit the Yak, try Rocky Ford for the first time, and other than that I'm not sure what to do.
I was thinking maybe Lake Lenore. How does it fish in the fall, and what are some promising methods to hook them? Or should I spend my time elsewhere? I'm basically just looking for some guidance on a good lake to hit for a day or two in eastern WA that fished well in September. ANy ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks guys!


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Lake Lenice and Nunally are not far from the Yak Canyon and they fish well in late September. Dry Falls Lake is aonother option that is easy to hit from Rocky Ford.

Thank you guys... So far my plan is to hit Lake Lenore, Lake Lenice (because i love that place), Dry Falls (because it seems like a place I have to try), and maybe the Yak and Rocky Ford. This should be the best 4 days of my life