Ready or not, here I come, Alabama bound!!!


Just waiting on warmer weather, .......
Leaving Saturday (tomorrow), morning to spend a week @ my Sister-in-laws (Freddy & Tricia), place in northeastern Alabama. My other Sister-in-law & her husband, (Shirley & Tony), will meet us there sometime on Sunday evening. Tony is bringing his boat (I think it might be 14' or 16'). And I just bought a used (2007model), Madison River toon by Scadden, this past Saturday, & got my (State ID), numbers for it yesterday. The lady @ the BMV said that I could use it, as long as I carried a copy of the registration with me, & to go ahead & put my new numbers on it, but that the decals would be mailed out in the next week. I'm thinking of making a placard out of (1/4" x 4"x just an inch or so longer than what will be required to add the decal & numbers in their proper spacing), plexiglas & just hang it on the front of the toon with straps. I also purchased a new Humminbird 798ci Si HD Combo, a manual inflatable pfd (Cabela's 3500), a big man's comfort seat, a new battery box, & a new 4 claw anchor.

Mounted the fish finder on the lean bar with an adaptable ram mount, added a 21 inch piece of 1"pvc to the back of the seat, (for my umbrella, so I can stay in the shade & out of the rain), along with a swivel mount & an extendable raised mount too, so I can sit above the water, instead of in it.
Added an upgrade to the battery box by wiring in a 110v double outlet, & connected an old extension cord to the wires for the fish/depthfinder, & added a new plug to the trolling motor, as well as adding another section of another extension cord to plug in my battery charger, & just took a black magic marker to the side of the plug for the ground side of the plugin. Also took a small spool that had house wiring on it, (like those you can buy from Ace Hardware), added a crank handle on it, via using all stainless steel hardware on a 5/16th's x 6" carriage bolt which I'll mount to the frame for rewinding/storing my 1/4" anchor line.

All I need now is a waterproof videocamera, & that I should be able to actually see how well I'll do. Might even post some pics if things go well, but I will also be posting about exasperating problems/solutions that I run into while out on the water.
So I guess I'm ready to try my luck, bassin in Bama, ..............themaninthemoon