Alabama trip busted seams in both tubes, Whaaaattt the ????


Just waiting on warmer weather, .......
Yep, that's it. See, right there the seam split wide open. Question is, Can they be fixed? Both tubes are now ruptured, right @ the seams for about 1 &1/2 to 2 inches. Right there in the front end of the bladders where they start to rise. I'm wondering if they can they be re- welded? Should I try to lap over the splits with inner tube repair kits? Or do I make a call to the folks @ Scadden to see if there is,

A). Any warranty on these bladders?

B). See if I can purchase 2 new bladders?

C). Call Maxxon & see how much they'll charge me for a couple of newer, longer, larger diameter tubes?

When I'm out on the water my main concern is my safety then everyone else's safety. I need to be able to relax when I'm out there, not friggin worrying if I might lose my gear, or even my life, or cause the lives of others to be endangered.

And it's all because I just want to be able to fish, & unwind from the rat race 500 of everyday life. I'm not liking the consequences of what I've experienced so far.

So guys & gals any info, knowledge, etc., will be greatly appreciated,.....

I could live with a small hole or seep that was repaired, but i would not be comfortable with repairs on seam that have split on both pontoons.
Looked up the Madison River, said it was last 'toon sold by Scadden before change to North Forks. It also described the welded pontoons and said, "lifetime transferable warranty". Check with Scadden, they should give you some type of help, hopefully new pontoons.


Just waiting on warmer weather, .......
Got home about midnight, maybe a little later, (Friday), last night & the drive home seemed to be twice as long as the one on the way there. (598 plus miles), But am glad to be home. Unpacked the car this morning, then had to go take care of a small job of making some stair post pads out of concrete 1st thing this morning, then went to breakfast with the wife for our 34th anniversary. Then it was off to the grocery store to get some vittles back in our house. Then we had my middle grandson's b'day party to attend, by the time we got here to the house this evening, it was already 10:00 pm. Busy day, but ok. Just really tired.

....after watching the Bears game, I will tote everything out into the back yard, & reassemble the Scadden Mad River toon just like I set it up down there, & take some pics with my phone, & update & document (for you guys) by this same posting about what modifications I made, & the measures I took to get the darn thing back into the water. Which I did do, BTW. The 1st toon let go before I got anywhere near the lake, & began leaking again once I put it into the water. In fact both tubes seemed to be quite a bit soft, so I added more air to the tubes, just to firm them up. That's when the 1st tube began to leak again, & even though I had really wanted to check out my new 798ciSi HD Combo, for the 1st time too, I was way to busy wondering if I was going to be swimming with the fishees, or whether I would make it back to where the boat ramp was. The breeze had kept pushing it into the dock so I had led it around to the other side, just before I noticed it was leaking again. Disgusted & disgruntled, there was no point calling my other 2 brother-in-laws to come get me, because they were also on vacation & were there for the fishing. All I could think of to say was damn all the bad luck, & when we get home, I'll figure out what had gone so wrong.


Just waiting on warmer weather, .......
Hey there, Hi Ed, the Bears are getting a butt-kicking from New Orleans (again this year), so I figured that I would attempt to contact you, to see what/how I can upload the pics I take with my phone into the pc, & then to the WFF page.

The seams on the liners in this Madison River tubes just simply delaminated @ a given point just forward of where the seams overlap from the flat on the bottom, to the 30/45degree angle upwards. Is this common with these urethane bladders to occur in 80 degree weather? I never had any problems out of my Gunnison float tube in the 8 plus years that I had used it. I did however suffer from a gazillion pinholes from the window sash weight that I used as an anchor. & last summer I did locate a place to obtain replacement bladders, for a sum of $23.00.
It's just that it does seem strange that these bladders would give way so easily just sitting in the sun like that. The original paperwork from Scadden/NFO to Cabela's indicates that these tubes were made in 2007, which having the paperwork made it easier to get it police checked, being as it came from out of state, for my state stickers, & numbers. Total cost on registering the watercraft in Indiana cost me $27.00.

This is not to recieve a title, but the registration is necessary just to legalize it on the the water, & I'm not sure if the state would allow it to be titled anyway, because there are so many variables that can be added/subtracted from the vessel, such as frame modification. I've already hooked it up to the sides of my 2-man frame, but by being just about an inch & 3/8ths wider than the other frame, the front floorpan won't fit/match, & the rear deck plate also is too narrow to accommodate the aluminum frame where it slides together so that it can be locked in, which I will modify in the near future. I also modified the where the sliding floorpan, & leanbar are located on it too. The extended footrests play a vital part in that aspect, as they carry the weight of the forward 1/2 of the floorpan. Adding a bigman's seat from Cabela's, with additional hardware to raise it up off of the floor level allowed me to also add a swivel to the bottom of the seat, making it easier to access the trolling motor, by which I'm steering it with. I will have to invest in some form/fashion of oar rests for the bottom section of the 7' Carlisle oars that came with it. Oh yeah, almost forgot, but I bought the 798ciSiHD Combo Humminbird depthfinder, & mounted it on a gimbal rail mount, then lashed the power cord to the frame with 1/2 inch wide by 6" hook & loop strips that I bought in a 30" length package. Same for the extra lengths of the transducer cord. And while I am talking about the transducer, (they really did mean to name the act of justifiable brainstorming of using what you have @ hand, ..."Osman'd or .....Osmaning", but some producer really wanted to promote the Scottish, & it sounded cooler anyway to say "MacGiver'd", so anywho), LOL, but I might have hit upon a really good use for the bottom section of an old aluminum crutch. Saw off the bottom of the crutch right where the three pieces of the leg comes together, & remove the extendable leg out of the bottom of the center section, as well, after removing the rubber stob on the bottom. There you should find that the aluminum was rounded over & there is as small hole in the very end of the tube. This can be drilled a little more out to accept a stainless 10/24 threaded screw, that was previously inserted through the holder for the transducer, (& here is where it gets a little tricky), but, take a self locking nut, & place it into the end of a deepwell socket, with a dab of Vaseline to help/assist holding it in place as you lower it into the other end of the tube on the end of (2) two six inch x 1/4" extensions that will allow you to place the nut onto the end of the screw. Secure it to the bottom by screwing it backwards 1st, (to the left), in order to align the threads together, then once it makes the click as the threads align, go to the standard righty/tighty/lefty loosey, pattern, & snug it down till it sets the transducer firmly but not overly tight, to the end of the tube. Place the tube back into it's holder & place the top of the three piece leg on one side of the toon. Find a location where the end will not rub against, or fray against the toon's surface, & match the top hole with a hole you will drill through the frame, & add a carriagebolt, with a larger flatwasher, through the assembly, add another flatwasher here too, then through the frame, adding sufficient flat & lockwashers to the backside of the frame to secure it to the frame, but allowing it to swing freely a full 90 degrees. Then find a location on the other end of the apparatus to insert a hitch pin through the piece, into the frame, in order to hold it up, & out of the way, when transporting the toon, put it into travel mode, & when you get to the water, remove the hitch pin, & set the distance necessary to allow the transducer to operate as it should.

I'll pm you you later today about uploading my pics.
Least knowledgeable person here about this stuff but how did you transport your toon?
Was it inflated and in heat or did you go over mountains or down into valleys.
Just wondering if the temp and pressure changes might have been too much?
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My Scadden Skykomish Sunrise tubes (seamed) split a seam in the covers while bringing them home at sea-level last spring. Kept inflated at 2.5 PSI on the lake, put on the rooftop Yak and transported home in 68-72 degree weather. Next day, as I prepared to off load, I noticed the damage. Had a bit of trouble making contact with DS, but once we hooked up he was excellent; shipped both tubes to him and got back in a week, checked out, replaced. No charge. I bought the toons in 2006. 15- year warranty.
Have you contacted NFO? Keep trying, he can be hard to make contact with, but I've had good results other than that.


Just waiting on warmer weather, .......
Wow, now that is exactly what happened to my tubes, Robert. We had double mounted my toon across the backside of my B-I-L's 16' v-bow, & it sat there nice all through the trip to & from the lake down, not far from lake Guntersville Alabama. Total trip distance (one way), was about 28 miles there is only one mountain that you have to cross & it really isn't that high, (1200 feet maybe?) the seams let go on both tubes, while sitting in the grass, @ my B-I-L's house. Boy, talk about devastated? LOL I know it's just another aspect of life, but, ...for crying out loud. Come ONNNnnnn! That just didn't seem fair @ all. On the trip down to Alabama, I had everything broke down into individual components, & had packed the car (2008 Chevy Cobalt) to the hilt, but still able to see out the rear view mirror. Toon frame went in 1st, then 50# thrust MinnKota, trolling motor, Class 27 gel battery, small portable charger, suitcases x2, big man boat seat, hi rise pedestal, new 798-Humminbird ci HD Si Combo, rod holder made from 1inch drainage pvc approx 1' long, stainless steel bolts, nuts, flat & lock washers, & lock-nuts. Various assortment of other necessary tools in a tool box, My De Walt battery drill, w/extra's in it's own box. And two coolers, One a six pack size, & the other that will fit a couple of nice sized catfish/stripers/Lg mouth Bass, etc. Filled both coolers with frozen food items from the freezer added bag of Ice to both of them, Diet Pepsi's to the smaller one. Ok we were ready to go.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, I took six rods & reels with me, the small fishing belt bag, (that I wear like a sling), & another small but larger than the 1st, tackle bag that holds a variety of floats, bobbers, hooks, jigs, pre-tied & naked, fly tying kit, various types of tying materials, bobbins, etc. 1st aid kit (including a suture kit, snake bite kit, bee/wasp sting kit, my meds, all sorts, sizes, bandaids, & gauze packs, with various antibiotics, etc. etc. etcetera.

(Pretty much ready for most any kind of situation/predicament, including getting lost in any wild areas), I have a reliable compass, firestarting material, disposable poncho's, emergency blankets, granola type candy bars, led flashlights, extra battery's, & all i need is a roll up type of solar panel with a charging kit to recharge my stuff. I also check landmarks off on my maps when I go into areas that I have not been to before.

Next trip, we will have a trailer hitch mounted, & either be pulling my other trailer, (with one of the 2 toons aboard, & maybe both, if I'm lucky), or I will purchase one of those cargo baskets that give you extra space on a trip, allowing me more room to lean my seat back, & snooze, while the wife (that I love dearly for being my best friend), drives, & no, she's not standing over my shoulder as I type . LOL

We are hoping to be able to afford to go again late March, or quite possibly in early April, of 2012.
So I've got quite a list of "to do" items that I must get done, & will be required to be setup properly between now, & then.

I would like to thank everyone for their input of advice, & the relating of their experiences, to help assist me in getting my butt, & boat/craft back into the water, in the least amount of time.

Mumbles, I did send Veilside some pics of the tears in the one 14' Maxxon tube that I purchased (as a pair of them), when I bought Riverman's frame. Riverman is a very good person to deal with, & I was mostly happy with the purchase that I made from him.
Seems Veilside is cut from the same cloth, as he was as puzzled & frustrated as I am about the 2 blowouts in the one end of the same tube. He said he was going to forward the pics onto Eugene Dean from Evergoing, the man in charge of Maxxon's sales, & now I've got to take a wait & see what they say about it.