need Nunnally info....



A few of us will be hitting Nunnaly next weekend. If anyone has recent info on the lake it would be very helpful.

Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

My info is second hand, but they say it fished very well on the opener and that weekend though it waz cold evenings. It's the wind that can kill ya in there though.
The bite was chironomids and leeches as one would expect this time of year.
I like #16 brown herl chronomids in there early in the season and bloodworms sometimes. Then later on in the spring the bigger black ones start showing use #12 black with white ribs. :LOVEIT


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Won't be there this weekend, but a couple suggestions. I have had nice success with a Marabeau leech pattern, size 10 or 12, 4 x in either black or dark brown. Have been fishing off the shore at the inlet to the lake. Have taken some nice fish this spring and that should improve as the water temperature raises.

Also, I use a sinktip with long leaders and move it real slow. Most of the fish at Nunnley and Merry (not a bad choice if it is windy) have been picking the leech up right off the bottom. And, don't be afraid to pull this fly through 1-3' of water, especially right along the ledge.

Good luck!

Froze our bejeebers off Sunday morning under light snow, the weather ended up sunny and nice however! Fished chironomids in the morning (matched the size 12 dun blue/olive bugs with a home brew pattern with a Rue Paul twist (that's all I'll say for detail) and caught 6, lost 2. My buddy caught a couple as well. 4 @ 18", 1 @ 20" and 1 that pushed 6lbs (nearly 24' and shaped like a football). J's fish were hogs as well! All were rainbows. Fished the ledges near the shoreline with the chironomid about 6 feet under the surface. It's fun when you tie your own version of a fly and it's a hit!
Late evening around 6pm the fish were actively cruizing the surface for the winged adults...we did not stick around for that and opted to head back home. If you can stay late and fish a dry I bet you would do well. :THUMBSUP