What motivates you to fish for steelhead?

As others have said, I love to be out enjoying nature. I love the chill in the morning, before the day heats up. I love the critters you see, the river otter that pokes up to get a better view of that creature on the bank waving a stick, the blue heron that flies up and lands not far away because you are watching the swing intently and quiet, or the sun beginning to peak over the mountain. Then there is the anticipation as the fly swings through the bucket where you have caught other steelhead. There is the surprise when your fly is grabbed in a spot that has not held a fish before. There is the adrenalin rush as your fly is crushed and the disappointment when the AJ, you know you should not have used, comes out of a B-run.

It is all good. And, the casting is not only fun it gives you something the improve and pass on to a wife, daughter, son, grandson, or friend who is interested in what interests you.
The seemingly infinite amount of knowledge and river smarts it takes to find and catch them regularly. The game is constantly changing along with the endless variables that weather, flows and the rivers bring us. It's a good game to be playing and I find my mind constantly running. I love it. I just pray it never ends.


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with the beatdown steelhead fishing brings you, it just makes success that much better

Where else can you catch a fish and then chest bump 3 guys and not catch any shit for it....

Rob Allen

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One of the funniest things about winter steelheading is that after weeks without a grab your swinging along pessimistically then all of a sudden the line get's tight and you think to yourself. "I have fished this run a dozen times this year and there was never a snag there before?!?!" only to find out it's a fish!!!

funny how the thing that we are after seems to be the last thing on our mind when it actually happens at least that's how it is for me..


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Rob, so true.

Also,I can't count the fish I have hooked when I'm not paying attention.......I may have to not pay attention more.


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I'm motivated to fish for steelhead because most of the time I don't have to worry about gutting and filleting anything. But then again...when I'm lucky I'm lucky and if it's wild I still get away scott free, it's those hatchery fish that put demands on me.
I like to cast

The sensation of the tug

Wondering just what is on the other end of that line when I have one on.

Camaraderie of good fishing partners.

Being alone so I can cast.

Bringing hatchery fish home builds desire if my future fishing partners. And, to smoke: Makes good Christmas gifts- "Dont worry honey, we can give smoked steelhead as gifts, wont cost a thing."

Its replaced hunting- dont have to be gone for all week- and its less of a production to go for a day.

John Hicks

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I fish for steelhead because I am.....

I am the guy that says he is not going to quit.
I am the guy that "will" be the best at what I do.
I am the guy that Wants simplicity.

There are so many aspects of the sport of fishing for Oncorhynchus mykiss, that can be summed up in those last three sentences. I myself swing a fly for native steelhead. I spend hours from the first glimpses of light through the trees, till my line dissapears out the end of my rod tip at night. I do this day in and day out. In good weather and in what non-steelheaders would call bad. All for a handful of tugs. A few silver angels to my hand.

I want to learn every aspect of what I do. I want to know how the temperatures affect movement. How the line will pull my fly behind a pocket. I want to know it all and I wont be satisfied till that happens. Which will never happen so I guess I will always do it.

I want a simple exhistance. I want a fly box. A rod. A pair of nippers. and a chance to feel somthing that only a few people on this planet will ever get a chance to............


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I was priveleged to play guide to a father and son who each got jackhammered by swung flies their first time doing it. Watching the old man stammer and stutter and try to locate the fish as it rocketed form river left to right at lightning speed. Watching the son turn into a total goofball laughing hysterically as his fish cartwheeled. It was the best fishing day of my life. And I love being turned into a goofball when something I cant see jolts me to life unexpectedly every time. Even though i plan 90% of my entire trip around preparing for that split second moment. It always seems to scare the crap out of me and delight me in a fishgasm.


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It's like this....
Steelhead, sex and money, they are all the same. If your never had it or caught it, it's all you think about. If you have caught it or have it, you
think about something else.
Go catch one and shut the F up already.....
~In no way were any steelhead harmed during this message!~