Crappie Patterns

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Ok guys. I have been turned on to crappie fishing. None of which was done with a fly rod but next spring I'd like to chuck some fluff for them. What are some patterns I should be tying...


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Go back to the May post and check out my thread titled: Lake Leo Open at Last. In there are some pictures of some tiny fly rod jigs that I tied up and have used very successfully. They are tied on #8 Mustad 32756 jig hooks, are easy to cast and seemingly irresistible to schooling crappie. Two years ago I caught about 100 crappie on the same gold bead head damsel before it finally fell to pieces. Patterns are near as important as locating the fish in the first place. After that everything is easy.



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Tie up some Crazy Charlies in perch colors.

Eyes - Bead chain eyes or small dazl eyes
Tail - gold krystal flash
Body - gold diamond braid or tinsel
Throat - small, short amount of red marabou, red chenille, poly yarn, or antron etc
Wing - dark olive marabou, craft hair or bucktail

Besides crappie, I've caught smallies, sunfish, bluegill and trout on this pattern. They all like to eat perch fry.