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If you are wondering about the transition of the grip to the rod, it is a wrap of the tipping color with varnish over it, thus the dark color and gloss finish. I choose not to use a winding check, I taper the cork grip to the flats and then lay a wrap over that. I like to be able to place my finger on that wrap while casting.

Great stuff! Mike,

Thanks for the explanation! much appreciated!
I've done a few repairs on older rods. What I can offer is to make a rod fishable once again matching the thread and components as close as possible, of course this is depending on the condition of the rod. If you truly have a "classic" rod I'd probably steer you towards a restorer to maintain the value of the rod. It's not the process, (really nothing much different than what I do when I make my rods other than the stripping off the old finish) it's locating the original style parts and color of thread that can be a headache.

I guess the bottom line is I'd have to see the rod and give you my opinion of what I would do if I owned the rod.



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thanks for posting pix mike. very beautifully done! i thoroughly enjoy catching wild trout on flies that i've tied. i bet it's even cooler to catch our native cutties on a rod you've built yourself!
I thought I'd show you the final touch for this rod. The buyer wanted a complete package so I went To Orvis in Bellevue and Leland set me up with a Orvis CFO III Bronze and a 5 wt line. The package balances out in my hand just the way I wanted it to and looks great on the reel seat. Thanks for all the nice comments guys! I'm sure the new owner will be happy. Heck I'd really like to keep this one!




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Yow, that's awesome work Mike! I know when I cast that Garrison 5wt of yours this spring on Hancock, I really liked how that rod performed in addition to its aesthetics.

- Tom
Thanks again for all the nice compliments guys.

I'm going to get started on something for me this time I hope, next up on my list is a PHY Para 14. I should be making some bamboo shavings in the next few days. I cast Joe Bradley's Para 14 last July at the Metolouis Bamboo Rod Fair and thought to myself "I need one of those for myself"


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The para 14. A great choice Mike. I thought Joe Bradley's 14 was one of the best at the rod fair this year. It will be interesting to see how one of the published tapers turns out as compared to Joe's proprietary version.

Tim, you are right about Joe's taper. I wish I had it but I did talk with Chris Carlin ( about his modifications to the published taper. Chris was kind enough to share his taper with me so I'm going to go with it rather than the published one. I remember casting his about two years ago, I wish I could have had the chance to cast them two rods side by side, but I do remember liking Chris's taper when I cast it back in July of 2010.


Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
Chris has posted (published) his version on back in Dec 2006. If you have collected a variety of 14 tapers I'd be interested in seeing them this evening.

Several years ago I made a 7'9" Para-14, based on a taper from Ron Barch. The rod ended up getting auctioned off for a friend's charity event, but I still have good memories. With a DT5 it was fabulous for medium sized streams like the Snoqualmie forks - sensitive in the tip yet enough power to cast 40-50' and turn over the leader, and long enough to allow for good line control. This fishing is very similar to the AuSable and Manistee in Michigan, where Paul Young designed the taper.

Some people find "parabolic" tapers difficult to cast, but I think the ones under 8' are easier to learn.
Would it be possible to share that Ron Barch taper with me (I wil understand if that is a proprietary taper of Ron's and not being able to share it)to add to my collection of tapers for the Para 14 for comparison Tom?