Skagit user gone Delta


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Running this on a 13'6" Decho.

And to the wind comment: I would definitely put the Skagit back on in the wind!
Every now and again I throw an accidental lazer loop just above the water, in high winds, and watch it straighten out and plop down somewhere near my target...with amazement. You can effectively use a floating tipped delta in wind...though executing becomes more challenging. But then again, a challenge can initiate near infinite determination.

Cast on Evan, I think you have the determination.

Ed Call

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My delta standards get some use on the mid length rods. A new rod in my quiver is worthy of the delta long. I'm going to try the pairing as I try to learn a bit more skill with the two hander. A wise gentleman told me to dial in a setup and stop messing with it. I've done that with some success thus far. More success to follow I hope.

Ed Call

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Downstream wind. Standing river right on the inside curve. Toss it up high and let it fly. Long wind aided carry and nice long swings.