Anyone looking foward to chums in a few weeks?

Headed over to Chico and didn't find anything. Checked out a few more area beaches and after a little searching we found the source of the jumpers, and they were game to play..
That's me in the first pic, 11lbs

Ah I recognise those backgrounds! Looks like I need to get my boat out there! So what did they take? Are they traveling towards the stream up north or are they just cruising around?
Since I haven't done squat on Kings and Coho this year, I hope to feel a few tugs from a chum. I haven't given up on the coho yet though, it's just a matter of getting out there.

Those are some nice coho! And it looked like an awesome day to be on the water!!

Mike T

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Numerous commercial boats and aggressive Indian beach seiners in Colvos, so your best bet is to go elsewhere. Had a not fun confrontation with beach seiners last night who decided to drag their nets within 20' of where we were fishing.