Winthrop area lakes

I will be in the Winthrop area 10/23-10/25 fishing some lakes I have never been to yet. I don't want to post the names and "out" anyones zipperlip. However anyone kind enough to PM me any good info on some of the area lakes will get a detailed PM report when I get back.

Also let me know if anyone would like to meet up out there. Always fun to make new fishing buddies :)

There are some decent quality-regulated lakes in this area but they are literally pounded by poachers. Blatant poachers who line the shorelines tossing out their power bait and kicking back drinking their beer without a care in the world. One lake has recently been added to the quality regulations list. This lakes sits at a decent elevation allowing it to be fished later into the year. Every time I have visited this lake I have yet to see anyone fishing legally! It is a sad state of affairs.
Golden Trout- That IS a sad state of affairs. Have you notified the authorities? I know I would if it were my local waters.

Methow Roamer- I noticed that in the regs. Found that kinda odd. I guess it helps a bit, at least through the Summer months when the fish need it most. That is of course if people actually follow the regs...

Methow Roamer

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There are two but one is not open yet. The new owner's phone number is on the door (Kevin P 206-450-4104) and supposedly it will open soon, but as yet only the Flyfisher's Pro Shop(509-996-2832). Greg's a great guy and very knowledgeable, if a little hard to find this time of the year. The shop keeps odd but long hours because it's also the lobby for the Mt. Gardner Inn. If you can get ahold of him on the phone beforehand he'd certainly give you some info on what works.

I would too, but I don't really know. I fish 3-5 days a week but don't catch very many fish. Not that I mind, I just love to fish. I'm kinda new to fly fishing and still learning.
Some days I find a hatch going and am able to match it and knock'em dead, but more often I just select flies at random and enjoy showing the contents of my flybox to the fish all day. Basically if there's no obvious hatch I don't know what the hell to do.