200+ Limited Edition/signed Fish Art Prints For sale

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My wife and I recently inherited about 260 fish art prints from artists like Guy Harvey. They are mostly limited edition/signed prints from the 70s 80s and 90s and are in excellent condition. They have been priced to sell. We’ve uploaded the majority of the pictures of the prints to Photobucket, and will be adding more in the coming weeks. You can see the photos, and all the relative information here:


We’ve added a basic condition grading system to help you understand the condition of all prints. We have done our best to describe the conditions honestly. This system is set up as follows:


Mint= No defects

Good= May have margin damage like light creases or margin discoloration. Prints in good condition generally will look fine if framed.

Fair= May have a defect that could be seen if framed. These prints are discounted more.


We accept PayPal. Our PayPal Billing information will be shared with you once you have given us the item numbers of the prints you wish to purchase, and we can confirm that that print or prints aren’t in process to be sold to someone else, as this has happened to us on several occasions. You can reach us via email at fishart4all@gmail.com for all order inquires.

Prints will be shipped for $20.00 and will be sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard. It includes delivery conformation, and insurance equal to the purchase price.
Posters will ship rolled in a tube for $12.00
You can find the pictures here:

Password: fishart

Thanks again,

Chris Scoones

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Discussed it offline Ed. This is not a business thing. Just clearing a whole bunch of artwork that was in the family. Ad restored.

Purchased two of the prints & they are AWESOME! Beautiful prints, Shipped FAST & quality throughout. I have to admit, these prints are the perfect Christmas gift for the angler in the family! I just wish I had bigger walls in my home!

Thanks again!



Joe from PA
I had the same experience as Mick. My print arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. I always wanted a Mike Stidham piece since those cool Simms shirts came out and now I have a signed print. Thanks Sibby
Sorry for sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong. Glad it all settled out well.
I should have exercised better common sense and contacted Chris before I added the thread, but I'm glad it worked out well too. I must admit that the thread does look commercial. Unfortunately, the only way I could accomplish the task of selling so many of these was to price them, and add photos externally. Otherwise it would seem like I was taking over the whole classified section of the forum.
Sorry for the lack of communication on my end.


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I just got a print from Sibby and I mirror the earlier positive sentiments. If you are looking for gifts this is a perfect place to find one.
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