Pontoon Boat Cart Pictures

Thanks to those whom were interested it this. Sorry it took so long to get them posted. (Thanks to Chris :THUMBSUP ) Anyway if anyone one need additional info, measurements, whatever, I still have some hand dwg's from the planning stage. Some are applicable, some aren't because of design changes on the fly. Pardon the pun, haha. If I were to do this again, I might I have something made that would plug in where the anchor assy mounts on the frame (stainless-steel). But this works great and wasn't that hard to make, a couple evenings. Here's the link to go, 8 pics in all.


Jim J.


Nice looking rig. But I don't think that it would work for me. As I would have to buy a table saw to cut the wood and then I would have to buy a pickup to carry it in. As you see the cost is way out of my range. Jim S. P/S just having fun. :WINK
I'll just hire a sherpa to carry mine on his back while i sip a cold beer! LOL, trying my contraption of a cart on Lenice this weekend...might bring some bailing wire to fix on the fly...