First Anniversary Celebration Westslope Fly Shop

November 19, 2011 Saturday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Westslope Fly Shop will be celebrating their first anniversary with a celebration.
We will have Garry Sandstrom here with all of the Hardy Products on display. Demo rods from the all of the Hardy lines as well as Greys will be available to cast. Single and Two handers. Garry is also the Scientific Anglers, Ross and Wulff representative and will have products to fondle and test also.
We have invited a local Hardy Reel collector to come and show us some of his collection and talk about his VIP tour of the Hardy Plant in the UK.
Dry Fly Distilling, our neighbor, has offered to do a VIP tour of their distillery with tastings of their products. This tour will be the 19th and will be limited to the first 15 to sign up.
We will have all of the Yellowdog Flyfishing Adventure videos and literature here and will be able to show you some of the great international adventures they offer.
Door prizes galore from Simms, Sage. Rio, Hardy, Greys, Yellowdog, Dry Fly, Northern Lights Brewing Co. Bangkok Thai Restaurant, Hallets Chocolates and Coffee shop.
There will be savings from wall to wall every item discounted for one day only. (some restrictions apply)
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Dustin Bise

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Hell yea. I love it. I like it ended at 6, because the Banff Mountain Film Festival is that night as well, and thats something that ANYTHING is gonna have a hard time competing with. What time do you recommend coming in to hang out? Im thinking 4-6 and some beers.
Things are shaping up nicely for the anniversary celebration.
Hugh Evans a local Hardy reel collector will be at the shop from noon to 3pm with a dozen or so of his reels.
The Dy Fly Tour is filling up it will be in the afternoon. The time will be announced next week.
Door prizes are arriving daily.
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