East Oregon Long Weekend

This trip happened about a month and a half ago and just haven't gotten around to posting it yet. A college buddy of mine suggested I fly out to Boise and he would take care of the rest, so how could I say no???? So I fly in and find out that my buddy has grown a full beard and over the past 2 summers has lived out of his truck on certain rivers, which gives me hope that the trip will turn out good fishing wise too. In about an hour we are driving out to start our long weekend. We get to a camp spot, drop everything out of the truck and proceed to start fishing that evening with him bringing 2 small browns to hand and me with a big fat 0, although I had a promising jump at an ant pattern which really just left me sitting there dumbfounded. The next day we drive up and down the canyon and I can tell you that I have never in my life seen so many brown trout rising to anything in one spot on a river! The place was filled with them and different hatches were happening all day.
Now, I am not primarily a dry fly person and the fact that I counted seeing 5 different mayfly species over the course of the weekend left me realizing how unprepared I really was after I got out there. The weather just happened to be sunny all weekend so to our luck we fished all day with only 2 fish to hand for my buddy and I'm still out of luck with only a few takes and nothing sticking. Finally during sundown the magical hatches started happening and finally ended up bringing in 4 smaller browns.
The next day we had a bit more luck driving up and down the river. In the morning and afternoon when the sun was off the water we both finally managed to have a bit more luck, however midday I managed to bring in a nice size fish just casually sipping microscopic dots. The nights were colder than we thought they would be with the lack of cloud cover, and the mornings were even colder it seemed. Overall the trip was an amazing time spent with a good friend.

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