chico creek last trip of the year

I went to chico creek on monday for the last trip to chico of the year. It was a high tide and the the fish where on the other side of creek the tide started to go out and a taller angler than i crossed so i crossed and the water started to go over my waders but i made to the other side iwas very cold but there where fish there so i moved to the right of the tall angler the fish where right in front of him but he was spooking them by throwing his lure right at them. So icast out with my bright orange fly i just let my fly sink down to a dead drift i looked over at the big guy and .said i got a big one on he said really i was way to the right of the creek my line started to go out allway to my backing he was heading towards the creek i followed sure enough i went right into the creek and the guys on the other even reeled in there lines. in out of the creek he went i finally landed after a long battel my fly was buried in his upper jaw the fish was about 15 pounds or so i removed the fly and revied the fish he swam towards the creek i thought that he would go the other way i sure hope he makes to his spawning grounds. a fly guy approached me and said that was one nice fish i replied and a hell of a fight i smiled and said i will be back next year.