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Having built and sold quite a few ultralight fly rods over the past 2 years, I've owned several TXL rods. Now the 0wt, 1wt., 2wt. and 4wt. I have regretfully let go the 1wt and 4wt months ago so I could keep building and learning about new rods. Upon reflection, my TXL rods were some of my favorites. I stumbled upon this TXL 0wt. blank on clearance for $149, so I snatched up the opportunity to build another one.

Here's what I used:
Seat: Spalted Big Leaf Maple Burl turned to the same dimensions as the cork seat on an Orvis Superfine (with dual sliding rings). I got the dual sliding rings from Jim West at Orvis

Grip: Struble Ultrafine that I modified by turning down in thickness (generally) and tapering the rear to blend into the seat

Thread: YLI Silk Chestnut colored

Guides: Fuji MNSG Smoke Colored w/SiC Insert size 8j. Pac Bay Light Wire TiCh snakes sizes, 2/0 (5), 1/0 (1), 1 (1), 2 (1). Size 3.5 tip top.

I did not use a hook keeper and I did a little epoxy ramp instead of a winding check. This will be my new bluegill rod and will hopefully get a chance to catch some trout in the driftless area next year!

that is just a phenomenal build. I like how you formed the handle into the reel seat. With What looks like a click and pawl from sage last year?

Just this September I built a TXL-F 1WT. It is strange the Srtuble does not make more sliding ring reel seats, with ID small enough to fit these small rods with out having to use masking tape. I had to go with a more heavy nickle silver seat.

Here is my build,
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PowPow: I really like your build as well. Is that granger green wraps? Very creative. I would not have thought to use that color on that blank, but it seems to have turned out pretty sharp!

I am just finishing a TXL-F 2wt. right now. I used a really nice piece of Koa for the insert and bronzed REC LCRNS down locking slide band hardware. I came across a full set of Tom Moran bronzed snake guides which I used on the rod as well.

Here's a sneak peek:

It is going to be really nice rod...and I've already cast the rod a few times on my dock. I'll post some more photos of my TXL-F 2wt. when it is finished. I'm using the Permagloss U40 for the first time on the TXL-F and it is taking awhile to build up enough coats to give the finish a smooth glossy look. I think I prefer regular old flexcoat 2 part epoxy/finish that I've used on all of my other builds.

Here are some more photos of the wraps on the TXL 0wt where I used the flexcoat: