My first Carp on the fly!!!!


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I had dinner with Steve Probasco last year and he went on and on about carp on the fly, calling them, "freshwater bonefish". Our own Sparse Grey hack gos on and on about carp and how underrated they are. everyone it seems likes these fish. Everyone except me. I was out fishing some lakes this weekend, catching some nice bows, I could tell you where, but I'd have to kill ya, and then others would kill me too. I was trolling through a lake on my way elsewhere when my line went tite, damn I snagged a log!!! then I started feeling movement. Oh yay, another fat 5 pound rainbow!!! This fish was fight'n good, taking line, it was a real tug-o-war. CWUgirl says, "I think you got a carp??" I was like, "No, no, can't be" the longer this went on, the more I didn't want to believe it. She's kept up with the carp talk, all I was thinking: "please be another 5 pound rainbow, please be a 8 pound rainbow". well, it was a carp, hooked him fairly too, right in the inside of the mouth, or sucker lips if you will. I didn't want to touch it, I'm sort of a polly prissy pants. I tried to hold it up for a photo, but the weight of the carp broke my line when i grabbed the leader. Anyway, I landed my first carp. I'm sooo thrilled, as you can tell....not. Anyway, thought it was a good story regardless. Photos to come soon.. yee-haw!!!

YT, take me with a grain of salt, but I hate carp! so there!:p lol think of it like this, you won't see me pursuing carp anytime soon, more for you!!!


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I ...uh.... am a carp fan myself ...And I can read between the lines of your post that you are a fish racist. It figures that your username is "whitey"...( joke)

Anyway I get lots of flack from my trout purist father for even speaking of casting to carp...but those scaley monsters can be really challenging to land when they get up around 15 pounds...sight casting is the game though, not blindly catching one while trolling for trout...

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Really? so my blind trolling technique is not the hot ticket?? Does it even count then? boy, I hope not, that would be sweet. Thanks for calling me a fish racist, thats awesome!!!! but remember, Purists are people too, we just hate trash fish. :thumb YT

I'm only kidding!! thanks for calling me out Piscean, great post, had me laughing, fish racist, I love that!!!


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>I'm sort of a polly prissy pants...

That's what MacRowdy always says...:+

I think you need to realize that carp are fish too, not some slimey scary kinda monster. You have to admit it fought well, right?


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YT, King of the Carp!!

He forgot to add that while he was in the epic carp battle, I was laughing histartically and taunting him that he had indeed caught a carp while he yelled back that he'd probably caught the biggest TROUT in the lake!!

I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

As much as he protests, he hasn't stopped talking about that carp since he caught it!!

ohh, and YT, we're going carp fishing this summer, like it or not! :p :p :p :p

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Roper, yes it fought well, in fact, to well. My thread has mobilized all the carp flyfishers against me, Thanks for the hatemail guys:thumb I was only kidding, I just always thought these things were beneath me, but this damn carp has got me rethinking my stance. I might fish for Carp again, maybe. I want to make it clear though that my anti-carp statements were only in jest because that carp pissed me off, he fought better then any trout. Damn carp bastards. :bawling YT

Yeah, I know what you mean about hooking "alternative species" and finding they fight harder than the "desired species." Man, I used to feel the same way when guy's would get all bent out of shape because they hooked a duck, or a bat, or beaver.

But then I hooked one of each (fairly) and dude, it puts the trout fight to shame! Think of it this way; rainbows might actually clear the water when hooked, but do they actually continue to ascend into the air like ducks? You'll see your backing, by god..

Whitney, do you see why the "alternative species" are better now? Are you seeing the light?


PS- By the way, if PETA reads this, "I hope you can take a joke.. HAHA! We call this HUMOR.":7


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