Non blue collar spey rods



Took out my new baby...I am not able to describe the feel other then butter..

I had no idea what distance these rods cast..and to be honest, that was the last of my concerns with it..but it cast out a 510 nextcast W.A. 45' head with type 3 delta tip and a barbell headed 25 wadd. to a hundred feet with ease...I didn't try and go past that as that was too far for where I was all day anyways...but just wanted to see what it could do easily...

So on that regard it was pretty amazing...the feel is all together another story and that was even more so....very cool rod...very cool feel...some kind of strange attachment when fishing it that I can't describe other then....somehow this is what it's all about? It just made me smile all day long..and while the fishing wasn't to hot..the tug of a smaller 2-3 pound bully was fun and you feel like anything that you touch is never going to get off...'s a Bob Clay 13' 7wt bamboo spey...

For your viewing pleasure...


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probably has an action similar to your Spey Tracker, _G
I too, want to hear more. Clay's rods are like treasure chips.


Yeah, I hear ya. I cast one years ago @ the Marlow's Clave on the grass, then a 'new' model 11.5' 6wt last year at the Sandy Clave. The experience is unlike anything I've experienced with graphite rods. Every time I touch one I get closer to ordering.


I'm gonna get on the list. Could you explain the flex of the rod? Does it feel insanely soft?
I don't know how to describe it? you tape it up and think..Oh baby this is a soft rod...but there is power there...My bud described it pretty well as.."It flexs deep like a Meiser but there is no thwack"

I have never cast the older boo rods and am told that these are faster and much more like modern rods..I found that if I went slow it didn't work...When I went back to my normal speed in turn and load..It delivered...The delivery is the really hard part to descibe...It just happens...If you go too fast it will make a swishing sound with your slow and it kind of slops it out there...a normal smooth cast and stop and it pretty much lasers the sucker out there...

I was messing around with some casts and found that when I did a poke I needed to really hold it back or it would poke the whole line out...which is kind of what the rod does...let it do the work and it will do it very well...

I thought it would be a day of switching lines and some struggle to find the flow so to speak but I ended up fishing the nextcast all day as it fit it well and I like fishing that line...I'm not completley dialed in but was amazed at how quick it came..the more I backed off the better it did, which can be a fine line...
One thing I really liked and kind of blew me away was, with maybe ten feet of running line out which gives you incredable line control on a 45' head..I was against a bank and did a more scandi type cocktail glass turn instead of dropping the rod tip to the water and lifting on an upward angle...This picked up the line quicker and with just a little flick of a cast threw the line like a dart...very tight and very easy...It was bad ass..

My problem is when I get a new rod I always want to see what it's got under the hood and screw around seeing how far it will go...I turned if off at 12 large strips..would say that's my usual 100' mark...I didn't get this rod to be a distance poser on the rivers anymore...Guys like Dave T showed me that, thought it took a couple years to get through...there was plenty more there but IMHO I think it would suck to take a rod like this and just bomb it all day...But that's just MHO and you can take it or leave it for what it's worth...I know Bob's daughter won spey o rama with a 15' model..but god she must be a strong woman...

The beauty of this rod besides how it looks is the feel everything..the drag on your fly if it gets too much current..bumps and taps through the swing...the fact that I don't have to freak out if it's below freezing and I sting it...the feel of the boo on your fingers as the fly swings...Romantic I'm sure...but I just had this big shit eating grin all day...Kind of like talking to the spirits in a corny kind of way....

Maybe I'm just becoming a goofy fuck...I don't know?