tippets and clousers


i have no trouble casting big #4 weighted stonefly nymphs on 1 lb. on most rivers. but i'm not trying to send out over a 100'of line as is sometimes necessary to reach silvers off the beach.
what is the minimum size mono tippet/fluoro tippet that you use for #4 and #6 clousers when casting long distances? Since diameters vary so much can you also specify the brand.

Minimum tippet that I use is 6lb. ultragreen Maxima. For the past couple of years I have been using mainly 8lb. since it turns the fly over better when casting Clousers.


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A general rule of thumb with tippet is to divide the hook size by 3: Size 6 fly divided by 3 = 2X tippet (.009). Obviously a size 4 fly ends up at 1.33...X, which is not available, in such cases you should usually err on the larger size (1X).
You touched on a good point about breaking strength varying between brands, that is why the above rule is so helpful, pay attention to diameter (that is what effects turnover) not breaking strength.