7'3" 4wt Fiberglass

Discussion in 'Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels' started by Troutcreek, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. I prefer bamboo for this line wt and length, but I built this for a good friend who is also a fiberglass enthusiast.
    Personal preference aside it's a light tipped sweet casting stick and should make a fine small stream rod. image.jpg image.jpg
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  2. Nice build, I use all fiberglass or bamboo. Is that an Steffen blank. If so which one. Thanks for posting it.
  3. Hi John,
    The blank is Mountain Brook Spring Creek. All in all I prefer Mark Steffens rods and blanks although this is pretty good.
    Best to you,
  4. Nice I was looking at those blanks. Will talk later this month about them, do love that build.

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