RPL + Project

I recently overpaid on Ebay for a Sage 8100-3 RPL+ blank.

I have fished with this rod's smaller cousin, the 896-2 RPL+ for years for steelhead and salmon. I really love this rod, but have not graduated to the newer sage rods so I have no real comparison.

I have heard and read many things about the RPL and RPL+ line, mostly positive but some negative and would like to throw out some questions to the experts here about this rod.

1) Are RPL+ rods made with a reverse taper or something of that sort? What does this mean? Was the RPL+ line a Sage dead end due to the heaviness of the taper? This rod has a really thick butt, it can stop a pickup truck.

2) Should I go ahead and build this blank? I really don't need the bigger 3 piece rod but I overpaid. If I sell it for 300$ I break even. Is it even worth $300 or should I take a hit and sell it for 250$? Is it even worth $250 given that it would be a custom build? Is there even a market for this rod or is it gonna be my new, cool Alaska rod? I do nice work so at least it will be pretty.

3) Anybody interested in this blank?

Thanks for any feedback or general info about the RPL+ sage rods.
My personal preference have been the older G. Loomis blanks but I have built quite a few RPL's. Tends to be a little heavier than my Loomis IMX, GL4 & GL3's but great blanks. A little overkill IMO for Alaska sockeye's but a good rod for silvers, chums, etc. May have a hard time getting your cash back, suggest you build and add to your arsenal. Good Luck !!