16 inches of mahem....

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Here go all the trees that get in his way. Washington will soon be bare.

I'm drinking my Christmas present. Boy does it ever taste good. A little goes a lllloooonnnngggg way.

Jim Ficklin

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16 inches of mahem....
Thought my computer hiccuped and I landed on the wrong website for a second. . . enjoy & don't defoliate Washington quicker than the timber giants & Forest Service are . . . I've come to detest blue paint on tree trunks . . .

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Good for cutting a new trail to the river! You grip it similar to the way yo're griping the chromer in yer avatar, except yer left hand will be grippin the dorsal handle of the saw. Keep it revved up to the max, and it'll cut thru limbs more viciously than a buck Chum Salmon.
I thimk ya lucked out. For Christmas, my brother gave me a flexible plastic drain cleaner, an organic chocolate bar (well, ya know, he lives on Bainbridge Island), and three 14.75 oz cans of Alaska Humpy. Of course, he's only my brother.:rofl:

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Lol,is the drain thing a white toothy looking thing? If so we got one too:)cheers Jim!
That would be it! Looks kinda like a long skinny version of one of those "butt outs" that some deer hunters use when cleaning their catch. Happy drain cleaning in the New Year!
I think Monty started the fire.....then we threw bullets...then burned everything within 50ft:)
As I recall... (which is not to be trusted) There was a ton of snow.(too much for my liking) Scoones had Hot Buttered Rum.(haha) Nomslander inadvertently challenged me to a whiskey drinkin' contest (bad idea sailor) Brendan brought out of date pepper spray, which he dispatched into the woods. (for safety reasons). Nom's lost... (as he did a nose dive into a snow bank)
Scoones threw bullets into the fire... Everyone scattered. Except Noms who laid passed out directly in front of said bullets in the fire. I took cover behind a tree, and was the only one to catch a shot to the elbow. (still have the scar) Said tree... not being that great of a bullet blocker, and the fact that I couldn't convince Nom's to throw his hand made drift boat into the fire, we needed some sort of heat source.

Scoones broke out the flame thrower, Monty showed how to make the flame thrower act like Peter North before they did mandatory std testing in porn.
(shooting big loads of flaming hot shit... get it? Anyone? Stooooooop!) Until most of the branches past 40' or so went up in flames

Since that wasn't enough heat, Jabs and myself spent the next hour chopping that fucker down with the dullest axe on the planet. (where we thought it would land on someone who was passed out or not paying attention)

After that my memory is fuzzy except the snowball standoff between Scoones and myself. After a rock throwing debacle. He went back to the pepper spray dispatch area and made snowballs, I pissed right there on the snow, and made yellow ones. (classic standoff)

Scoones made the mistake of touching his face (ended up feeling like Peter North's costar)

Anyways.. all that I know is that I ran threw the woods at some point pouring out a tank of gas, trying to out run the flames.
Good times:beer1:



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I will defend my honor, I ment to get shit faced, misson accomplished. I did like the WFF in flames.
Gonna christen the shop this friday with poker and mass quantities. No cushy snow bank to brake my fall.
PS, I still cant drink R&R

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I drank some CC when I was young and dumb(U.S.Army 1953-1956). When I finally woke up I didn't know how I made it back to the base. I used to really put the hard stuff away. Now that I'm older I only drink when I'm alone or with somebody.