Swap of the stripping kind


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Bunch of stuff popped up but will finish this weekend. Please resend the address information; think your original had typo. Jaws of my vice suddenly exploded last week sending a piece of shrapnel across the room..twenty good years of use. I'm limping across the line for the swap using an old Thompson vice.

Rob Ast

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Steeli, what were you tying on? I've got a renzetti presentation 2000 with a new set of jaws you can have for a reasonable price.

Camo Clad Warrior

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Gents, I am really sorry but I am gonna have to back out of this one. I hate to do it as it is not my way of doing things but we are dealing with a ton of family stress at the moment and don't see any vice time in the near futures. Again I am trully sorry

Big E

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Mike, if you want I can fill Camo's spot as well. I can tie up another set of another type of streamer in time.

Let me know.