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You're right. Many folks are more than willing to overlook the ethical issues of stealing someone else's pattern. Just like many in the USA (and as we've seen at times when the topic comes up on heron feathers here on the forum)are more than willing to overlook the legality of possessing and using heron or owl feathers. The sad part is most of these folks think there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so because they want to do it and feel they have a right to do so since the probablilty of getting caught they figure is very low.


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Posting stuff on the internet puts it in the public domain. It's difficult to reclaim it after the fact, difficult to prove that it was yours first, and especially difficult to regain any money you might have made.

Also, I know enough guys with commercial ties to know they're not making any real money. Even the ones who do get their royalty checks. Certainly not enough money to fund legal actions.

And finally, occasionally people do arrive at the same place in the fly tying stratosphere. You can only assemble Lego's so many ways.
I wonder how many fly patterns offered for sale by any retailer are actually their "original" patterns? I would think the percentage is very low. And I think this is the industry standard for fly patterns, and has been for decades. This is simply how it works ...

How many of you have an ethical problem with purchasing a Royal Wulff? Or a Dave's Hopper? Or how about, how many of you have an ethical problem tying one of these flies, without issuing a payment to Lee or Dave? Again, I imagine the percentage is very low. And again, this is simply how it works.

In the fly fishing world, fly patterns are basically free to everyone. And in my opinion, that is just fine.
maybe the hobbyists fly pattern is simply another variation of a fly he saw somewhere else, tied it something different than the one he saw and is not really a true "original" if there is even such a thing nowadays :confused::confused:

does tying a fly using different materials than the original constitute a new "original"
Big E,

Get over it. Suck it up and move on.

I have had so many of my flies high jacked, I could cry you a river.

I just look at the positive side. "They sure like what I tie" all my friends and most of the fly shops know I got screwed, and my sales have actually gone up :)

Guess you need to ask yourself why you originally posted it? If it was to help others ,and this made you feel good about your actions, then that was your inspiration that magnifies your personality. Feel proud of your accomplishment of aiding your fellow tyers and continue on.