nfr, where did you graduate from and when?

Ysleta HS Ysleta, TX 1967
AA Lane Community College Forestry 1976
U of Oregon Outdoor Recreation 1988

And a whole bunch of rescue and dive instructor certifications.

I'll be shocked beyond words to find another Ysleta Indian on this site, Ducks, maybe.
Here I thought I might be in the older group or at least the older half but good Lord there are some old buzzards on here:) So with that introduction:

North Central High, Spokane- 1980
Spokane Community College-1983
Eastern Washington University- 1986


"Chasing Riseforms"
East Bremerton High School 1966
Washington State University (interrupted..)
with a vacation break to Vietnam(1970)... then Washington State University 1973 - B.S. Landscape Architecture


David Willey
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