Pontoons for the freakishly tall ?


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I'm a little disappointed because I have never wanted to come off as salesman but rather simply state the facts, honestly answer questions, and let people make their own decision about what product to buy. :rofl:

But looking back, I do like that last tag line...maybe I'll add it to the website. :hmmm:
BDD I didnt mean to offend you. Ive been reading the archives of this board for hours and your posts have been imformative and in good taste! I really do want one of your toons :)

That is a great tagline.


Alex O'Brien
freaky tall fly fishers unite I'm 6'7''1/2 I have the ODC 1018 creek company and its comfortable
I also like Jeff roll like a gangsta in a gmc truck just to see out the window.