bamboo planning form?

I have never built a bamboo rod. nor have I even used one. I love slow action rods and I know that I would love bamboo. Woodcraft is something I enjoy very much. I am looking for a little inspiration to get into building bamboo rods.

Is there a cheap way to build a form? any references

Here is one of my nets I just recently built

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By far the cheapest way is to make a form out of maple. You can make a couple of specialized tools to complete the process. I did this when I started down this path. Another option would be to make a Quad or commonly called a PMQ. Here is a article on how it's done,

I've never made one of these yet and I haven't cast one but many have and they like them. I just don't know if I appreciate the "look" of a quad yet.

Here is a article on how to make a form out of wood like I did at first following these plans.

Here is a site that will answer almost any question you might have relating to making bamboo rods, it's my favorite collection of information.


Nice net by the way.