Anglers Roost 11' 5/6 switch rod

I am getting one of these this week. I was wondering if anyone has used one and what kind of line they used for it. Any help would be great. I am also getting the Decho 13'3 8wt rod and was wondering what lines work with it.
Not a switch but I bought a couple of 12'6", 6 wt. kits for my nephews. Flybill did the work on them and they cast beautifully with an Ambush line. They're pretty nice.
thank you for responding. How did Johnny send the rods ? I am waiting for mine.. he said it went out yesterday. I got one if his reels too so I will post the results of that venture.
Just picked up the 8 wt ARE switch rod. I put a 510 grain Airflo Switch Tactical Skagit head on it. It throws like a dream. I also use a Deer Creek 11' 5 wt switch rod for summer steelhead and SRC off the beach and skagit heads in the 350 grain class seem to be about right. I have an older 350 grain RIO Skagit head with the integrated shooting line that I can skagit cast and throw overhead off the beach with good results.