Anyone know anything about lake boren (Newcastle)

Just wondering if anyone knows any info on this lake. I was looking at google maps and realized its about 10 minutes from where I live.

It's just off of coal creek parkway.
Haven't been there but I can make some guesses based on a quick poke around.
Go here for stocking info. Scroll down to King County and Boren Lk.
Go here for general info and reports. Scroll down to Boren and hit each of "info" and "reports"

Up front I'd consider stuff like this:
- It's close to home and open year round
- At 15 acres you can cover it head to toe (assuming you have something that floats)
- Bass and perch might be more forgiving if the trout population gets stubborn
- 1,500 is a generous plant for a lake that small

- Access is probably a little too good around there (you're probably fine this time of year)
- Looks like reports are generally spring/summer and, given the late March plant and small lake size, the likelihood most of those are yanked out in the first few weeks is pretty darn high. Classic characteristic of put-n-take...lots of little fish pulled out in a short window of time, then it dies off.
- Plant numbers, lake size, pressure and that bass population just about guarantees limited growth of those trout.

What I'd do: Since you're that close, take a season and put some time in. Whether it's a lost cause or has some nice hidden opportunities will only be discovered by a little time spent. No harm to you if it's easy to get to. Worst case, you hit it a number of times between now and Fall and find out it blows (you still had fun in the process). Upside could be some good opportunities for trout at odd times when no one else knows to be there. That could be any part of the year, maybe odd hours during spring/summer even. I'd also pay some attention to the bass...small lake with ample food & cover could mean small trout/big bass. Look around for them early spring, before the planters and crowds show up (some nice big surprises can show in March when it comes to bass). Starting out, go more than once and spend an entire day if that's an's a lot of time but you won't believe what can show itself in the course of a day. You just have to be there.

Whatever happens, you stand to learn a lot and that by itself is worth it.

Would be cool to see a report if you go, or you're welcome to PM one. Good Luck!



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I live about 10 min. from Boren. Fished it briefly from the deck, but its a bit too murky for chironomid fishing, might be worth it to take a small boat or pontoon out to pull leeches and buggers.

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My dad's house is a 3 minute walk, literally... I fished it non stop for an entire summer for bass, and it is definently worth it. As long as you stay away from the dock, you will have good fishing. The entire west side of the lake is private, so that is where I stick. I have not chased the trout much, but pulling a bugger works, as well as twisting a dragonfly nymph.

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I live on a private lake south of olympia ( scott lake) .I grew up on this lake and fished it for years .Ilearned to fly fish on this lake. Our community plants the lake for a kids derby every year.Every year they plant about 1500 -1700 fish the derby lasts about5 hours and the kids catch about 35-75 trout for about 95-120 kids. No body fishes with flys eccept my grandaughter and I.Last year she caught her 5 trout in 35 min.During the lakes usual bite time at 9;30 till 10;30 you can set your watch by it.After that we went over to the blue gill hole and caught 9 of those till the shut down time of 11;00 .This got her a most fish and largest and most trout in her age class of 6- 10 years,and no some of these fish were not caught by grampa I let mine go,as we always do but we have to keep them for the derby.She has done this for the last 2 years. success like comes from knowing this lake inside and out.Iknow what to use and when when to use my floating or intermediate line.A nymph or a dry.all I can say is every time you fish it you will learn smoething new.Idont allways catch fish but I do a lot better then the bait guys they come by me when iam catching one and ask what iam using. but nobobys heard of a still water bug or apartridge soft hackle. Till now. Good luck
OMG!!! Lake Boren is just a slaughter house for Rainbows during the spring time..I usually limit out in an hour..I also fish for the secret fish that nobody knows about in this lake..The NATIVE CUTTHROATS that can reach salmon size as they are untapped and nobody seems to fish for them..This lake is such a guarentee for fish that I normally get my smoker ready before I head out for this lake..And the Cutthroats are sooooo good eating that I would take them anyday over copper river sockeye..I think I'm gonna get my smoker ready now and hit this lake as we speak..Sounds like a Great plan and might as well get an early start on stocking up my Freezer for the Year..


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Boren has LM bass and stocker trout. Fables of monster cutthroat have abounded for decades but the feeder stream is a ditch as well as the outflow.
"YO" Brother J.... Don't forget that you left the bottom part of your oars for your pontoon boat in the back of my truck. On Jan 1st, when we brought in the new year fishing at Lone lake. Call me so we meet, or go fishing again, and I can get the bottom part of your oars to you.
Boren has LM bass and stocker trout. Fables of monster cutthroat have abounded for decades but the feeder stream is a ditch as well as the outflow.
Yeah I heard that fable as well...I even heard that supposedly there's a underwater cave that goes from middle of Lake Washington to Lake Boren and even the Sockeyes migrate there too sometimes..hahaha

But? I will say this for a fact..Yes!! in fact there are Monster sized cuts in this Lake..There is a creek called May creek that connects to Lake Washington to Lake Boren and these Native Cuts are the same buggers that You catch in Lake Washington..They are abit of a challenge to catch and There is a special set up I use to catch these lunkers.. The only hint I will give away is this.."They are alot smarter and more suspicious than the planted trouts" Also they have larger eyes and have very sharp eyesight..
So yeah i actually got out there a few times last year fairly early in the season. the planters are really easy to catch (as in most lakes in the area). The planters seem to last longer here than places like Pine or Beaver, even though the lake is smaller. I've gone out one in the fall hoping to find some cuts without the rainbows in the way and haven't had much luck.

This lake was the first lake I took my fish cat out on. With the wind, it was a pretty funny sight to be seen.

JC, I didn't forget! I was thinking about it last week. I've just been so busy. I'm out of town right now but i'll call you when i get back. We can either go fishing or i can drive up and meet up with you.
I'm a new member to the forum but an old timer for fishing Lake Boren. My buddy and I used to fish it in Jr High and High school days back in the late 70's. Being a local I've heard all the old "legends" also, they're colorful but I'll tell you what I've found: The lake has a good inlet, China Creek, which I'm certain supports some natural propagation of salmonids. I've found fry in the creek while poking around with the little ones at the entrance to the plat of the creeks namesake. I have no personal knowledge to the lore of "Monster Cutt's". The lakes outlet to May Creek probably has impediments to migration into lake Boren at the culvert at the road crossing to the south. I remember salmon spawning in the outlet creek below the road as a kid in the early 60's.
Back in the 1970's I only caught largemouths to about 13", perch, with a few large enough to develop the "shoulder", sometimes crappie around dusk and one really large brown bullhead. Back in the day when there was a WDFW boat launch people would hit it hard for the put-and-take trout but we didn't target them much and they seemed to disappear quickly.
On an interesting sideline the lake used to have a very short but intense hatch of huge (maybe hexagenia?) dark brown mayflies, where it seemed that ever fish would go after during the hatch.
If you have a report on your findings I would be interested.
I fished Beaver yesterday and along with the usual 8" fish I caught a pair of nicely marked 18" rainbows. Maybe the local lakes will hold up for while.