Question:Payne Rod from Von Lengerke and Antoine Chicago 1936


a.k.a. Griswald
More Pictures can be seen here:

I have a 1936 (that is what the aluminum tube has on it) Payne Spinning rod (54 inches long) with 2 tips. It is a beautiful rod, with original finish. It is missing the first guide after the tip guide on both tips, but other than being dirty seems to be in what I would call good (not perfect) condition. Each tip measures 40 inches and the rod butt measures 14/78

The reel seat says Payne on one side of the down lock and Payne for Von Lengerke and Antoine Chicago on the other side...
Does anyone have any idea on where I might find out more on this cool old rod? Any shot on the possible value?

Thanks for your help