Sage 389-3 LL G-Loomis FR 1148-4 IMX,Ross Reels Gunnison 2 and 4

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Best offer for G-Loomis FR 1148-4 IMX,


My Dad could never buy the cheap reel and rod.
On my 7th birthday in 1998, he went out and bought over $4000 dollars worth of fly fishing reels, rods and cases. We never went.
He told me this morning that he really wanted to relive the past, fishing with his Dad and catching those 10lb Lakers out of Lake Chelan.
All of the below listed items, have never been used or even handled for more then a few minutes.

So I've listed everything accordingly.
I don't know how much shipping will cost, so it is not included in any of the prices below. I just set up Pay Pal account for this, so let me know.

As of 2/8/12 Everything below please give me your best offer.
Please send me a PM and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
I don't know how much shipping will cost, so it is not included in any of the prices below.

Rods with Cases:
Suggested Price

G-Loomis FR 1148-4 IMX $300.00
9’ 6” #8 Line
Case included
Harding & Sons Heavy Duty Rod/Reel Case

G-Loomis FR 1148-4 IMX $300.00
Case included
91/2 ‘ # 8 line-T
Harding & Sons Heavy Duty Rod/Reel Case

G-Loomis FR 1085 GLX $300.00
9’ 0” #5 Line
Case included
DB Dun Single Rod/Reel Case

St. Croix Imperial IF764 $200.00
Case included
7’6” #4wt
Case included
St. Croix Rod Heavy Duty Case Dark Brown

St. Croix Imperial IF764 $200.00
Case included
7’6” #4wt
St. Croix Rod Heavy Duty Case Dark Brown

Cortland Vista DS $90

Cortland Vista DS $90 ............. or all three for $250

Cortland Vista DS $90

St. Croix Rod/Reel Heavy Duty Case Dark Blue $60

Gunnison 2 sale is Pending

Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.
Dear Hydrological and John Paine,

All these fishing rods, reels and cases have never been used out in the weather or for that matter out of the garage.
So each of them are in pristine condition.

Just like some classic rare cars with zero miles on them (think $400,000 '63 vette), this Sage 389-3 LL rod is worth much more than
when he bought it.

Here is an older post from this forum's own archive you'll find that no one will sell you their 389 LL.
You would have to kill them first.

My Dad happens to own one that he never used and is in mint condition. It better then being dipped in gold, its never been used.

John Paine

Resident fishing dork

No doubt, the 389 LL is a great fly rod. My comment was simply a tongue-in-cheek way of suggesting that your asking price might be a tad on the high side. But, as we all know, an item is worth what somebody will pay for it. I own that rod and it's in immaculate shape. Paid FAR less ( than a grand) but best of luck in your efforts to sell it.


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I don't think anyone is intentionally trying to insult you...just questioning the value on the one specific rod. FWIW...I own several Sage LL's as they are probably my favorite series and have bought and sold several of the LL series in both graphite II and graphite III. I currently own a recently purchased never fished graphite III 389LL, with tube and sock and it's not worth more than $450...max. I wouldn't pay someone $450 for the rod I have. I had mine out today and lawn cast it...what a wonderful rod. In fact I love it enough that I sent it and a 4711 LL, and a 490-4 LL back to Sage to have spare tips made as I'll never sell these rods. I think you're probably looking more at $400 for your rod...maybe $450 for a value. $350 for a very nice 389LL tends to be the magic number for selling them most times, but yours being a 3 piece and in that condition will bring you to the higher value for sure.

Best of luck with the sale...maybe you'll find the one person looking for the rod you have.
If someone is willing to pay $1000 for this rod then hold your price and best of luck. I purchased this rod from a fly shop in Boise last spring that was never taken out of the tube practically from its day of purchase. I paid $400 which was the avg Ebay price at the time. Its a great rod, one I will hold for many years but one I would never buy for more than what I paid. If it means that much to you then keep it in your quiver forever since the value you place on it is worth almost three times market value.
If the case included on the LL is not an original case and sock, and is the Hardy case as described, that hurts the value of this rod from a collective perspective. For $1,000, you're looking at a collector, not a fly fisherman who is going to fish the rod IMHO. A collector will want the original tube and sock.

For what it's worth, I've recently secured a couple of 389 LL's at significantly lesser dollar amounts. They're both in excellent shape - much less than your asking price.

Good luck.


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This topic of pricing comes up pretty frequently on this board and others like it and helped me enormously with my own personal setup. (Sage rods, Abel reels) I am proud to say that with a little bit of patience and a whole lot of research, I was able to buy every piece of my gear in mint condition, and for less than half of retail.

That's not to say that every seller is going to have to compromise to that extent, but the word "vintage" is probably the most overused term in all of fishing. With due respect, that Sage 389-3 is no '63 Vette. Here's one in "very good condition" that sold on EBAY 1 week ago for $360: I understand that yours has never been used, but you're not talking about an actual museum piece here.

Of course it matters not what people THINK, only what they will pay. But the kind of folks that are willing to spend a grand on an older model rod are also the type to do their research, more often than not. If you find that these items just aren't selling, there should be no question as to why.

Also, I'll say this. We all want a fair deal, whether we're selling our own stuff or buying someone else's. The fact that your dad has found it in his heart to allow someone else to enjoy this wonderful gear is touching. The fact that you're asking more than he paid in the first place is not. The personal backstory on this does not in any way increase the street value of the equipment. (You'd probably get more from a beat up rod from an old master.)


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Personal keepsake aspects aside, I think what most folks are trying to say is that if you posted the 389-3 LL on e-Bay with a starting bid of $400+, you will likely be paying for the auction and still own the rod. I was certainly interested in the post and specificlly this rod, but not at that price.
Most members of forums such as this one are well aware of the current value and pricing of rods and reels, new and used. Items that are priced in the ballpark usually get sold relatively quickly and those that aren't find themselves eventually on page 12. This ad may be an exception to that rule, not for the reasons of interest in a purchase, but to point out ...........


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Sage LL 389 (8’9″ 3wt)
Edging out Sage’s 490 LL, the 389 might have been one of the best spring creek/light fly fishing rods of all time, so naturally, Sage – marching to the tune of “more technology is better” – just had to discontinue it. Incredibly smooth, suggestively limber and an amazing fishing tool, the
389 remains one of the few rods that everyone from the bamboo fiends to the techno-rod-geeks can comfortably rave about.
I think that you have put a little too much value on this rod based on Tom Chandler's Best Dozen fly rods of all time list that he posted on the trout underground quote that you have copied. I recognized Tom's description as soon as I read your posting.

Looking down Tom's list, the only rods that might pull $1000 or more are possibly the cane rods if they were in really good shape. Even if everyone agreed that Tom's list was accurate, most of the rods on his list could not pull more than $450 in mint condition with the original case and sock.....especially in today's market.

John Paine

Resident fishing dork

To answer your question: I like this rod as well as, if not more than, many of the more recent rods available today. The Winston BIIT and Hardy Zenith are some others that I own and enjoy, and arguably have more "technology" built into them. But the combination of feel, action, looks and yes the reputation this rod has garnered over the years makes it one of the greats (IMO). J.P.
I have a thing for high-end light line rods so watch this space pretty closely both graphite and bamboo.

The last completed listing on eBay for a 389LLwent for $360 for a rod in normal 'good' used condition. I can see someone who really wanted an new LL paying the equivalent of new prices for an equivalent rod (Winston WT, Scott G2 or other 'traditional action' graphite rod). But even then, I think you're talking $500-600 max and then only if you get into a bidding battle between motivated and well-financed bidders. I just think that most of those guys would be looking at bamboo or something else past $500 as there are just too many options in that space.

In the $1,000 range there are many other options for a killer light line rod, including a lot of fine bamboo which will probably hold value better in the long run if it comes from a vintage, well known or up-and-coming maker. I paid less than $1,000 for a new, unused Tom Morgan 386 with all his insane extras. List price is $1,400 and a two-year wait.

I recently saw a couple of Bernard Ramnauskas(Eden Cane)/Sam Druckman's new Freestone graphite rods rods being sold for $800(IIRC), list retail is $1,250. Like I said, the higher the price, the more substitutes available and the less likely someone will buy a factory production rod like a Sage.

I would be surprised at a successful sale of the Loomis rods at $700+. I have a couple Loomis classics getting dusty in the closet including the 1148. In this genre, the new rods with the fancy resins like the NRX, One, Sintrix, blah, blah are probably better fishing sticks. Plus, a bunch of guys that were fishing these rods are have since gone two-handed.

Best of luck to the seller. There is always some sentiment involved in this type of sale. I have several giant boxes of gear-fishing stuff that I need to liquidate at some point, mostly for Peacock Bass fishing in South America (Mom holds/held a 20lb test line class record...). Instead of trying to come up with a price, I'll probably just put it up on ebay and take the 'market return'.

Interesting thread.
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